You never
embarked for an imaginary world guided by pop sound? Then follow the guide!

LEON or Mathieu (choose the one you want they are complementary) is a young artist coming from the indie rock scene, but definitely great master of the imaginary pop. How does it "does not exist"? But if it's just that you never lent an ear to sound and a look at LEON clips.

Come on, he will forgive you, little catch-up session and tour of the country with the artist himself, the time of interview. And beware the wrong turn (you'll understand)!

Hello Mathieu ... or LEON (how one should call you anyway?), Can you introduce yourself briefly?
It is not bad to be in his head so I recognize myself in both names. Otherwise it was 13 years each giving 26 years. We met in a dream and since we never left.

LEON an artist but a trio on stage with your "two friends" Lazarus and Ventura ... So LEON it's more a solo project or band?
I would say it is a band because even if they are my songs without Lazarus and Ventura I'm not much. Forming a carriage where the fourth wheel would be the public.

Tell us a little bit, what was your first contact with music?
My first report was from my mirror, the lame Elvis Presley and myself. I let you imagine the rest ... If I hit for the first time a guitar around age 18 and since that's true love between us.

And what made you want to start writing and composing, make your own music?
I can not explain why but I have never made a recovery I immediately started composing my own music. Being self-taught musician I do not always why two notes married well together or not understand, but I did not care I was beautiful and I ca be guided by the magic of the melodies.

Precisely, can you tell us how you like put your compositions? Where do you find inspiration?
Images come to mind when I play and therefore it is as if I was climbing on a train en route and I watch the scenery, I talk to people in the car, I let myself go with the music. For the texts, I call to my memories, my desires, my sentences and sometimes friends as Rémi Visseux and Tit'Nassels of Axl.

For you to be gained from music?
The decision dropped, escape, daydreaming, an outlet, a break in the daily grind of life.

For those who have not listened to what you do, you present yourself as showing you in a "pop imaginary" register. So what's the imaginary pop exactly?
So pop, that is to say the melodies are as important as the text contrast to classical French music. Imaginary because my dream is to make people dream, to take them with me in a fantasy world where everything is possible.

What are your musical influences?
The Anglo-Saxon music is one of my first influences with band like Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons, The Strokes, Foals, Queens of the stone age ... Ironically enough from what I do.
If the world of Tim Burton films, Jean Pierre Jeunet and Quentin Tarantino also influence me a lot. Reverie in each and madness in the other.

So he has just come out, you posted on the canvas your new video "Mon mauvais tour" (we love the way). Can you tell us about this clip? (The idea, implementation ...)
This clip was the first with so many people to manage. It was a new experience for many of us including the director, Rebecca Barras, who made his first step with "My trick."
This song was close to my heart because the text was written by a close friend, Remi Visseux, which is someone incredibly creative.

Your world is really atypical apart. This is a real desire to cultivate the difference or came like that?
The difference was not worked, it's just my vision of music, my way of living in a fantasy world with the aim of inviting everyone with me. I like the freedom that can offer the scene, it opens a door myself to send positive in my life and why not in the other ...

There are a few times, you meant on the social networks that some major media did not respond to the dissemination of your clip. This is a true story or is it just a desire to point fingers that tend to promote trade rather than real artists?
Then you should know that I'm a fan of humor and all its facets so I try to practice as soon as I can. For this story, it was more for the joke to send a peak in the major media. To be happy so do not expect others so I do my little way and my goal is not to seduce the media but to charm people. I ca to share emotions to sell a product.

What do you think of webzines and blogs that support this new emerging scene?
I think it's just great to me we are in this together and we talk about things around us and that we love. There is a human side, a breast and thank you report you struggle to support young artists like me.

And by the way, we took the opportunity to ask you what the artists are of the same scene are to follow in your opinion?
There are plenty but for the rock side I would say BottleNext, Hokins, Taini and Strongs for the folk side I will say Black Lillys, and French song I'll tell Charlie Tango. All these people are friends and what they do deserves a spotlight. They are human people, sincere and talented.

Future projects in the coming months or weeks to LEON?

Yes there will be a reissue of the debut EP as 500 copies pressed all left. It will therefore be a bonus track and to illustrate and promote this release a new video released in spring. But it is still in the secret about the song that will be emphasized.

What can do you wish you next?
To take with me as many people, if I can help them from the time of a song, a concert in the place they have imagined it would make me happy and it would give a real sense of what why I make music.

A little story to end?
Then this is something new for me but I have received several children's drawings who had seen me in concert, and a video of a little girl who sang "Leon 2033". I think there is an easy connection with the children because their naivety, spontaneity allows them easier access to daydream.

And we will of course leave you the last word:
Thank you once again to you for giving me the chance to express myself and share my work and support me like you do. I am so thankful I'm repeating myself but my final words ... Thanks.