Support & Fundraising

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Each child that is accepted into Amala is found a sponsor. A sponsor may be able to choose a boy or a girl, this is not always possible but we do our best. The sponsor donations go into a separate account and the total sum donated is sent out to India every month. We do not take any overheads from sponsor money. Any other donations we place into a general fund for the extras that occur such as building repairs, repairs to the vehicles, clothes, books, extra medical expenses and so on. The list of things needed is endless just like any other home and family. 

As Amala grew and so did the job of fund raising, keeping supporters abreast with developments and giving news to sponsors of their child. In 1997 Amala became a registered charity and shortly after a management committee was formed. They work together with the trustees to produce newsletters, which we send out three times a year, to administer sponsorship, publicise talks and assist Raja in the development of Amala. Many of the trustees and committee members have been out to India many times giving them a personal insight of Amala.

The world wide recession which started in 2009 has been a difficult time for Amala. Raja finds that the money we can send him does not go as far and that often we find that we have send out more to enable him to just keep the home and school going. We here in England have our difficulties too, the exchange rate from the pound to the rupee has dropped and we have to send out more to keep Amala’s monthly money to the same amount. This of course means that we have to cut back on any improvements and projects we have for the future.

We do not employ anyone to fund raise and all the work here in England is done on a purely volunteer basis. Amala is still only a young place and we are still in a learning process- the Indian culture is so different from the western world. Amala looks after children on the basis of need whether they are Christian, Hindu or Muslim and every child is seen as equal in Amala Home. Every gift we receive is acknowledged and we feel that we know many donors personally. Amala is a person involved charity and very special. Amala is not an institution ! It is a home where the children are free, they have their chores and their study time but they laugh and they play games in their free time and most of all they smile a lot. One young visitor described Amala children as having miles of smiles.

Amala has been described as an oasis in a desert of poverty and this could not be more true but at the end of the day without our supporters, Amala would cease.



To become a sponsor we ask that you give the sum of £22 per month or you could pay a yearly sum of £264. We will send you an information pack, a picture of your sponsored child and you can expect to receive letter from your child from time to time. Many of our sponsors have been with us since Amala became a charity and have seen their children grow up, go on through sixth-form college and often to university.

100 Club:
Can you afford a small amount a month for the home and do you like a little competition?  If so, consider joining the 100 Club.  Each entry costs £5.00 a month (you can make as many entries as you like) and all of the entries go into a prize draw which is drawn every month with a bigger prize at the Christmas draw.   The money donated goes directly to the home and provides a fun way to help raise money for the home.  You can pay by cheque, bank transfer or standing order.  If you are interested please contact Sharon Woodward, Amala 100 Club, c/o 13 Gallowfields Road, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 4DB, telephone 01748 824627, email

Other ways to help:

  • donating through
  • becoming a Friend of Amala by providing a regular gift to help fund emergencies and overheads such as teachers' salaries, electricity, and building maintenance.
  • leaving a legacy to Amala in your will.
  • or even by a small donation when you shop online!For more information or/and to sponsor

please contact:

email: Louise Porter at
Post: Amala Children’s Home, c/o John Rising, 6 Dale Close, Thornton Watlass, Ripon, HG4 4BJ

(any cheques should be made payable to the "Amala Children's Home")