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  • Amala Newsletter Spring 2020 - New Hope for Amala In an unexpected development, Amala UK has been given new hope for the future. Dr Tony Steele, a supporter of Amala for some time, visited the Children’s Home in December 2019. Following this visit, he has pledged his support in securing funding through opening Amala to renewed individual donations and through his business and contacts. The aim is for individual donations, which we had asked people to stop, will now be renewed and again become the backbone of funding – please, if you possibly can, renew cancelled donation through the Amala Trust page of the Just Giving website. Tony and his business partner Suzanne Allen have become trustees in order for them to be able to take over the running ...
    Posted 18 Apr 2020, 06:00 by Thomas Allen
  • Thanks all for the recent extra donations and a shout-out to Giveclarity! The trustees would like to send heartfelt thanks to everyone that has given extra amounts of money recently before we close our accounts. Your continued and generous support of Amala is much appreciated both here and at Amala.  Included in that must be the £5000 from Giveclarity - a software company that has given us lots of help, advice and support over many years through the involvement of Andrew Harley.
    Posted 24 Jan 2020, 08:34 by Thomas Allen
  • Amala Newsletter - Winter 2019 Hello everyone, the latest Amala newsletter for winter 2019 is now available to read.  Thank you all for your support.
    Posted 1 Dec 2019, 04:00 by Thomas Allen
  • Newsletter - In memory of Kim Pollit Hello everyone, a special newsletter dedicated in memory of Kim Pollit is now available.
    Posted 3 Aug 2019, 07:35 by Thomas Allen
  • Newsletter 58 - Summer 2017 Hello everyone!  This summer’s newsletter is now available to read.  Articles in this edition include the recent Indian government inspector’s report of the home, how the political environment in India is making it increasingly challenging for foreign funded charities and the first letter received from Raja since his heart attack as he continues his journey back to full health.  Thank you readers for your continued support of Amala and hope you all have an enjoyable bank holiday weekend.
    Posted 25 Aug 2017, 02:39 by Thomas Allen
  • Christmas Newsletter 2016 Merry Christmas everyone!  Please find our Christmas newsletter available to read.  Every donation is hugely appreciated and please continue to help us, either through donating via the giving button on the website, or by following the advice at the end of the newsletter.  Best wishes from everyone at Amala, and thank you for your support.
    Posted 20 Dec 2016, 11:41 by Thomas Allen
  • Newsletter 56 September 2016 Click here to read the latest Amala Newsletter 56
    Posted 11 Sept 2016, 04:52 by Mark Ashcroft
  • Christmas Newsletter The Christmas newsletter is now available from the website.  The cyclone continues to effect Amala.  We have lots or repairs, water damage, tree damage, firewood problems to deal with.  We still need your help to keep everything going.  Please send any donations you can afford to give using the details at the back of the newsletter or via the just giving button on the website.  Thank you for your support.More news is on the conditions can be found on the BBC website.
    Posted 2 Dec 2015, 23:24 by Mark Ashcroft
  • Cyclones Hit Amala and Cuddalore this week Whilst not as bad as Cyclone Thane in 2011, Amala and the Cuddalore region has been hit by high winds and flooding.  Many trees have come down and fences blown over, even the front wall in the home has collapsed in places.  Everyone is safe in Amala but there is lots of damage all around.  Please if you are able to help us do the repairs every penny sent in will be gratefully received.  More details will be in the newsletter coming out very soon.  Pictures are available on our facebook page together with some here.  Some of the photos are of Amala and some of the surrounding area in Cuddalore.
    Posted 19 Nov 2015, 10:05 by Mark Ashcroft
  • Latest Newsletter - No 54 Is now available to view.
    Posted 8 Jun 2015, 14:20 by Mark Ashcroft
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