A Copyleft Philosophy

People like to consume.  And they like to create.  And they like to share.

Modern gaming is filled with retro-clones, with idea swapping, and with filesharing - plenty of which is, or would be, contrary to the wishes of the creators.  But those things come back to these same healthy motives - we like to consume, create, and share.

My challenge, and most likely yours as well, is not piracy.  It's obscurity, as Cory Doctorow keeps saying. And he's right (well, at least, he's right about that).  That being the case, why would we argue about the exact distinctions of our copyrights?  Why do we sit around in forums and niggle over just what this or that means, exactly?

The bald fact is that you can take the stuff here, and the stuff I have up on Drivethru, and do things with it.  You can do whatever things you like; even if you do something totally bastardous, I don't have lawyer-money.  The most I would do is try to raise a stink about it.

Given those facts, here's a simple declaration:  

Everything I've posted on this site is public domain.  You can do anything you want with it.  Duplicate any part or amount of the whole site; respin it and include it in your own for-profit games.  Give credit, or don't.  Ask for my blessing, or don't.  Your call.

This same declaration holds true for the text (though not the art) for the three main game components of the Ouroboros Cycle - Fundamentals of Tabletop Roleplaying, Situations for Tabletop Roleplaying, and the Ourorobos Engine.

Posts others make as comments or in discussion are their own business, of course, not mine.

Okay?  Okay.

Now, would I like it if you used said stuff in a way that pointed back to me selling a few more copies of the things I sell?   Hey, yeah; that'd be awesome.  But it's not essential, or a matter of licensing hoops, and I'm not going to try and control how you do that.  

If you're creating with or sharing my stuff, and it ties back to me at any point at all...   Then you've made my stuff just a little bit less obscure.  And that's the win I'm looking for.