Amagi Games Is:

The Ouroboros Cycle
This is a modular gaming system, split into a description of fundamental techniques, a series of tools for building situations, a general engine for play, and a number of settings for play.  Read more here.

The Manyfold
Manyfold is an attempt to talk about the kinds of enjoyment we get from play, and how the enjoyment we want changes the things we do during play.  This part of the site is broken into two pages - one for the Manyfold Glossary, and one page to frame Discussion, in the form of an embedded Google Group.

The Plugin Collection
Each of the plugins is an article on modifying your rules to do something different.  Not all plugins go with all rules, of course, but shopping around might get you something you like.  The individual parts of this collection are listed to the left.

A Copyleft Philosophy
If you're thinking about using the stuff form this site?  The answer is probably "Oh, hell, yes".  Read more here.