Advanced Technology Commercialization Center; Oil & Gas

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David Burnett, Dir. of Technology GPRI
979 845 2274

The GPRI Designs® Advanced Technology Commercialization Center (ATCC) is a virtual site showcasing new technology products and processes for upstream Oil and Gas operations -- devoted to lowering the environmental footprint of shale drilling, completion and production operations. 
Think of this site as a virtual startup campus for new technology.
The ATC is based upon the successes of two collaborative projects with the Environmentally Friendly Drilling Technology Integration program and with the A&M/GSI Environmental Advanced Analytics project. These programs successfully identified new processes and products that industry can adopt to reduce drilling and completion costs and lower their environmental impact. 

Use this ATC site as a virtual Technology Center containing new products and processes aimed at gas shale development. 

The ATC is managed by the Texas A&M Global Petroleum Research Institute. For more information, look through the main sections of this site or contact GPRI.  And of course, each company highlighted in the ATC can be contacted directly by those interested in their businesses or consultancies.