Welcome to AliveandThankful.com a website that celebrates survival.  Life is a precious gift.  To survive a major illness, accident, a violent criminal act  or any dramatic event is a true gift.  Sometimes your gift maybe temporary but still has tremendous value.  Learn to celebrate and live life to the fullest and your gift becomes most precious.  We want to help you; then maybe you can help others.  At that moment your gift and life gains its greatest value and becomes priceless.


Alive & Thankful

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Alive and Thankful: Living with early onset Alzheimer's

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The Voice of Alzheimer's

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Alive and thankful

Some days are good days

Some days are bad

I want to be happy

I want to feel glad

I wish I could remember

Like I used to before

And treasure those moments

That made my heart sing and soar

The names and the faces

I knew everyone

And now there a puzzle

Each memory is gone

I haven't forgotten

How to laugh or to cry

Or say I'm alive and thankful

When someone walks by

Things aren't so bad

They could probably be worse

But I count my blessings

And consider the source

By Lon Cole

Welcome to AliveandThankful.com a website that celebrates survival. Life is a precious gift.

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