Pictures of Ali Baba Taj's

“Words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone.”  William Albert


Ali Baba Taj at World Poetry Festival January 2008 KOLKATA India 

With A Great Name of Urdu Lterature Shamussrehman Faruqi at Allahabad India Novmber 2008

With the legendry Poet Ahmed Faraz 2002 Quetta Pakistan

With Goopi Chand Narang At Sahitya Akademi New Delhi Feb:08

With Anwar Shaor at Sibbi Baluchistan Pakistan 08

With Saleem Kausar at Sibbi Baluchistan Pakistan 08

Dinner At Amardullah College Lucknow India 11 November 2008

At Saranath Varanasi (Banaras) India where Buddha gave first sermo Mr. Satya Paul is also there with me

13 November 2008

Mazar e Ghalib with Mateen Amrohvi 19 November 2008 Delhi India.

at Barra Imam Barra Lucknow India 12 November 2008 With Ustad Ejaz Tawakal and Fareeha

Group Photo With Amardullah College Lucknow's Staff 11 November 2008

Ex-Vice Chancellor Lucknow University Roop Leeka Verma is also there