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Poetryis the expression of the deep seated unconscious motives, needs, emotions and desires. It is a peak into the analysis and its various faces and forms. It is a unique expression and essence of the poet's experiences through his filter of perception. Ali Baba Taj has depicted in his poetry the core of his experiences and observations and he has used the modern and rarely seen techniques of poetry that gives its reader pleasure and amazement. it triggers the reader's own insight into his unconscious and makes this collection of poems unique. It is an inspiration for all creative minds.

Review of Ms. Noor on Taj's first book



" The Poet "

Pearls of words over lips,

I have decorated the eyes with

drops of enlightened thoughts

holding in the fist few breaths.

Poem by Ali Baba Taj English Translation: Prem Kapur

 "muTthee mein kuch saansein"

Glimpses of Recent Activities

Lucknow 11 November 2008

Lucknow 12 November 2008 (India)

With Nawab Jaffar Mir Abdullah Lucknow India 12 November 08

With Zafaryab jillani and Mr. Irfan of Lucnknow India 11 November 08

Ali Baba Taj, Alora (Indian kathak Dancer) Ejaz Tawakal, Anjum Saleemi and baby Fareeha at Pune India 08/11/08