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Mr. Rahmatullah Hazara  is famous Scholar and Intellectual of Pakistan. He has expertise in Current Social and Political Issues and has written many Articles in Different Newspapers and also been presented research  papers relevant to his subject "International Relations" in seminars and conferences. He is known an expert in South Asian Studies. After 9/11 this world suffers in threat of "terror" and "terrorism", and this made Mr. Rahmatullah  to focus more to know and understand people about the causes and impacts of all the changing scenario in  brad spectrum of historical and all other scientific thinking.

His Book in Urdu "osama aur rai aama" ( Osama and public opinion) is his major research based work, which is extraordinary appreciated by people.

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 by Rahmatullah Hazara


            Hussain Ali Yousufi, [?]Chairman, Hazara Democratic Party was assassinated cold-bloodedly by religious fanatics on 26th January, 2009, in front of his Al-Falah Travel Agency Office at Jinnah Road, Quetta. It was a target/sectarian killing and the perpetrators of this gruesome act belong to a banned militant organization who informed the media claiming the responsibility. The vicious cycle of sectarian killing has gained momentum in Quetta, once again, and most of the victims of this nefarious act belong to Hazara tribe.

            After the tragic incidents of 8th June, 4th July, 2003 and 2nd March, 2004, in which hundreds of Hazaras were killed in suicide and bomb blast attacks, a major operation was launched and the networks of sectarian terrorists were broken by arresting the ring-leaders. The most prominent master-minds of those incidents such as Usman Saifullah Kurd, Shafiq-ur-Rahman Rind etc were kept behind bars in Anti Terrorist Force’s Headquarter at Quetta Cantt; declaring sub-jail.

            In September, 2008, both the above named terrorists managed to escape from the heavily-guarded A.T.F’s Jail. It was reported that Police personnel were gratified by Rs.2 crore to facilitate their unlawful release. The terrorists once again formed their networks and resumed their activities in which several innocent members of Hazara tribe were killed. Though, Shafiq-ur-Rahman Rind and his close associate were arrested in separate raids, but the law-enforce agencies failed to apprehend the actual master-mind Usman Saifullah Kurd.

            In spite of continued attacks, some people are still suspicious about the involvement of religious fanatics in incidents of these target killings. They are of the opinion that some other elements may be involved in these incidents in view of the multiple insurgencies going on in this Province. But one thing is quite sure that though other insurgent activities are going on unabated since 2007, but during the detention of above named religious fanatics, not a single incident of sectarian killing occurred. The resumption of these sectarian killings gained momentum only when the above named two masterminds escaped from Jail. Further whenever the other elements carried out attacks, they usually claimed the responsibility of their acts, as did in the case of Yousufi by Lashkar Jhangvi, a banned Jehadi group. H.D.P. never came into collision course with other insurgent elements of this Province, but during the month of Muharram, she rang the alarming bell of sectarian attacks through its several statements.

            Both Ustad Mazari Shaheed and his follower Hussain Yousufi Shaheed devoted their lives for the political rights of Hazaras in their respective native places. They have preached the notion of peaceful co-existence and tolerance. Both were struggling for emancipation of suppressed and oppressed people irrespective of their caste, creed and custom. Both were martyred by the evil forces in order the derail the process of equality and fraternity amongst different ethnic groups. The tunnel-vision fanatics succeeded in cutting short the lives of our great leaders, but will definitely fail to cut short the lives of their struggles. Since the beginning, a constant clash is going on between evil and good forces.

            No one can avoid the death, but a martyr death is not in everybody’s fate. A number of Hazara Notables died in this country, but none of them was so fortunate to be blessed with Fatiha-khwani in National Assembly, Senate and Provincial Assembly of Balochistan.

29th January 2009