Join us Monday, June 26th for some peace of mind and Rock 'n' Roll! Happy Hour Yoga is here! 

Location: Crepe Cafe 290 E Main Downtown Waukesha
Time: 5:30-6:30pm
Cost: 🌸 $10 includes an hour of yoga taught by the fabulous Alyssa, one glass of house wine or tap beer, lots of movement and plenty of laughs! 
This month's theme is Classic Rock!
EssentialYoga: Renew
"Let go and open to life" was inspired by doTERRA's variety of fresh, summer citrus essential oils and their scents. The crisp and uplifting citrus aromas combined with the circular energy movement of this practice are the perfect fit for a seasonal summer vinyasa flow. This class focuses on side-body lengthening and healthy function of the kidneys. Combined with the uplifting qualities of citrus oils, this practice creates a powerful antidote to our linear world, helps to remove blinders and opens peripheral vision. Breathe in citrus, exhale into the panoramic view of the body!

Thursday, June 22nd 4:30-5:30pm
Location: Downtown Waukesha Studio
Cost: Pay what you can or 
$10 if you'd like to take home a sample of the oil used

Chakra Balancing Restorative Yoga and Meditation (w/essential oils)

Restorative Yoga and essential oils. Each pose will have a specific chakra emphasis that will include an essential oil. Each poses will be held for multiple mins using props. 90 mins of yumminess for the body and mind. Each time we offer this course we will try to find new poses to discover in opening our chakra centers.

Sunday, June 25th 4:30-6:00pm
Location: Downtown Waukesha Studio
Cost: $15

Hi, I'm Alyssa Konda, 500RYT, PRT. I'm a mom, a wife, a yoga studio owner and I work a full time job with Express Scripts. I am constantly working so making time to become a toned, uber fit instructor that most people picture with yoga does't happen for me. 
However, I see the value in getting time to work the body, the breath and the mind. Yoga can fulfill all of that and yoga has a place for everyone.
I've shared a video of a basic sun salutation in aerial yoga, see below. This was taken when we first opened aerial yoga in the studio back on 2012. Since then we have expanded to a second studio and have begun offering kid's Aerial, family aerial, low aerial, partner aerial, as well as the different levels of aerial yoga to expand your practice.

Just in 2014 we launched our Aerial Yoga Teacher Program. You can find Level 1, Kids and Restorative/Prenatal Aerial Yoga trainings on our online schedule.

Remind yourself that we are all made up of different sizes and experiences.  That is why my passion for yoga yoga is so incredible. If aerial Yoga is not for you, we have so many other traditional styles of yoga to try. We have an amazing group of instructors that make up the studio. You can practice with a dancer, a trapeze enthusiast, a long time tantra yogi, an OT and so much more. Each instructor has something beautiful to offer.  

If you are new to the studio, NEW CLIENT specials on our Mindbody schedule site or our APP. Join us for yoga, tai chi, Zumba, or aerial yoga. There's something for everyone.  

See our video below demonstrating a general sun salutation. For more videos on advanced poses and routines visit our Facebook page.

YouTube Video


Downtown Waukesha
808/820 N Grand Ave
Waukesha, WI 53186 

S31 W24757 Sunset Dr 
Waukesha, WI 53189
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Community Yoga
Pay what you can

This is a yoga class to be kind to your heart and to our pocketbooks. Community Yoga classes are offered at a reduced price so that they are accessible to everyone. Each week be introduced to a new instructor offering a great opportunity to move, breath and relax.

8:15am at Badger Health Center 

9:45am at  Badger Health Center  


Community Qi Gong

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