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DIY Yoga: Building a home practice
Saturday, April 30th
Develop a more in depth understanding of simple standing and seated poses, twists, backbends and folds. Learn how to link them together in a sequence that suits your body and mind. Explore simple meditations to integrate into daily life.
Instructor: Jessica Popp
Cost: $60
Location: Downtown Waukesha

EssentialYoga: Renew
Sunday, May 22nd
This month's oils encourage the release of toxins in the body and mind. Basil helps to keep an open mind while rosemary helps dispel negativity. The hips are an area we tend to store stress and hold tension. A restorative yin sequence focused on opening the hips stimulates the kidney and liver meridians to clear energetic and physical blockages. Students have the opportunity to experience the power of aromatherapy as a way stay with intentional breath and focus, to facilitate releasing and softening into their practice. Myrrh and Zendocrine blend combined with these hip-opening poses encourages the body to "replenish" itself.
Instructor: Alyssa Konda
Cost: Regular class pricing ($9-$12)
Location: Downtown Waukesha

Kid's Aerial Yoga Teacher Training!
June 25th, 2016

Early Bird $199 until May 25th
After May 25th $249
Late Registration after June 15th $289

(Ask about a discount to combine both trainings)

This is a one day training consisting of 8 hours eligible for CEC's with Yoga Alliance.

Restorative and Prenatal Aerial Yoga Teacher Training!
June 26th, 2016
Early Bird $199 until May 26th
After May 26th $249
Late Registration after June 16th $289

(Ask about a discount to combine both trainings)

This is a one day training consisting of 8 hours eligible for CEC's with Yoga Alliance.


Aerial Yoga for all sizes and ages

Hi, I'm Alyssa Konda, 500RYT, PRT. I'm a mom, a wife, a yoga studio owner and I work a full time job. I am constantly working so making time to become a toned, uber fit instructor that most people picture with yoga does't happen for me. 
However, I see the value in getting time to work the body, the breath and the mind. Yoga can fulfill all of that and aerial yoga has a place for everyone.
I've shared a video of a basic sun salutation. This was taken when we first opened aerial yoga in the studio back on 2012. Since then we have expanded to a second studio and have begun offering kid's Aerial, family aerial, low aerial, prenatal/gentle aerial, partner aerial, as well as the different levels of aerial yoga to expand your practice.

Just in 2014 we launched our Aerial Yoga Teacher Program. We are currently growing that into a full 100 hour training. You can find Level 1, Kids and Restorative/Prenatal Aerial Yoga trainings on our online schedule.

Remind yourself that we are all made up of different sizes and experiences.  That is why my passion for aerial yoga yoga is so incredible. We have an amazing group of instructors that make up the studio. You can practice with a dancer, a trapeze enthusiast, a long time tantra yogi, an OT and so much more. Each instructor has something beautiful to offer.  

If you are new to the studio, NEW CLIENT specials on our Mindbody schedule site or our APP. Join us for yoga, tai chi, Zumba, or aerial yoga. There's something for everyone.  

See our video below demonstrating a general sun salutation. For more videos on advanced poses and routines visit our Facebook page.

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$3 Community Yoga

This is a yoga class to be kind to your heart and to our pocketbooks. Community Yoga classes are offered at a reduced price so that they are accessible to everyone. Each week be introduced to a new instructor offering a great opportunity to move, breath and relax.

8:15am at Badger Health Center 

Tuesdays and Thursdays:


Downtown Waukesha
808/820 N Grand Ave
Waukesha, WI 53186 

S31 W24757 Sunset Dr 
Waukesha, WI 53189 

Click here for our schedule:

Essential Oils for Your Life

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