"I really enjoyed Aerial Yoga Instructor Training with Reaching Treetops!!! With four instructors from the studio involved I learned multiple teaching strategies and styles for Aerial Yoga. As a non-yogi, I found the course very accessible and loved the detailed breakdown of poses. I feel like this was a great first step in learning fabrics!" Paula Brusky, PhD - owner of Aerial Dance Pole Exercise LLC in Appleton, Wisconsin.
Aerial Yoga Level 1 Course Training Workshop

Vinyasa Yoga and Aerial Fabric come together Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. Either choose to deepen you Aerial practice or develop your teaching skills for Aerial Yoga. Reaching Treetops Aerial Yoga teacher training is a certification program that blends the beneficial elements of traditional yoga methodology with the unique conditioning of aerial arts. Reaching Treetops Aerial Yoga is designed to incorporate the balancing and stretching components of yoga with the strengthening and exhilarating components of aerial arts.
Training Schedule:

Saturday Feb 25 8:00am-7pm

Sunday Feb 26 8:00am-5pm

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL by Jan 1st is $399! (must be paid in full by Jan 1st)

After Jan 1st standard registration is $575

Late registration is $650 after Feb 10th.

Place your deposit of $200 to hold your spot, balance is due by Feb 24th. Payment plan option is available to make smaller payments along the way.

At the end of the course you will receive a Certification of Completion that you can submit for Continuing Education Credits through Yoga Alliance Please contact Alyssa for payment or go online to make payment.

Restorative and Prenatal Aerial Yoga Teacher Training


Aerial Yoga has been a wonderful practice for increasing flexibility, improving muscle tone and releasing stress.  We will use the hammock to introduce poses to relax and rejuvenate the body.
Part of the training will introduce restorative style aerial yoga by lowering the hammock towards the floor. The second part of training will be introducing poses that are accessible for people with limited mobility. Similar to using a chair in a yoga practice we will show you how the hammock is a wonderful apparatus for a gentle yoga practice.

Early Bird $199 until Jan 15th

After Jan 15th $249

Late Registration after Feb 10th $289

(Ask about a discount to combine both trainings)

This is a one day training consisting of 8 hours eligible for CEC's with Yoga Alliance.

Kid's Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

In our kid's classes we work on positive self talk, and optimism paired with mindfulness strategies.  Kid's are natural yogis and they love to hang, fly and flip.  Using the hammocks we've develop a class that integrates balance and strength while having fun.  Yoga has so many benefits for our bodies and our brains.

To get scientific, we utilize the 3 major sensations for increasing brain organization and regulation:
1. Vestibular (balance and movement through space)

2. Proprioceptive (joint compression, joint traction, heavy work of the body)

3. Tactile (discrimination between temperature, texture, light touch & deep pressure).

We encourage kid's to be creative. Our classes help develop social skills and compassion. We teach no judgement and no competition. 

Utilizing these elements we developed a training to encourage creativity in our teachers. Take the skills you already know from aerial yoga and adapt them for kids.  This training will introduce series that are great for playful development with kids.  We will also entice you to create original series and stories that will make your classes unique.

This is a one day training consisting of 8 hours eligible for CEC's with Yoga Alliance.

Upcoming Dates:

Aerial Yoga Classes

Proud to be the first to offer Aerial Yoga classes in Wisconsin!

 photo IMG_1935_zpsa8bd2567.jpg

Aerial Yoga is what happens when yoga and flying unite in harmony!

Aerial Yoga revitalizes the traditional “fitness class” experience by incorporating balance and stretching movements with the exhilarating strength and cardiovascular conditioning of aerial arts training. Yoga in flight!

The program has been designed to build strength and flexibility while maintaining its key component: having fun! Through the use of yoga hammocks, Aerial Yoga includes swinging, inversion and other aerial-based techniques that uniquely encourage conditioning of the mind, body and spirit. The hammocks fully support the body and students manage the resistance and level of challenge by simply shifting their hammock positioning throughout the class. All levels of ability are welcome.

Aerial Yoga offers a new and exciting way to experience fitness: a powerful workout combining strength, balance, flexibility and core training infused with the joyous element of flight!

All participants should be taking either a beginner class or Intro to Aerial Workshop prior to attending a standard or intermediate Aerial Yoga class. If a beginner class is not available, we recommend trying Low Aerial. Your first class should be taken at a slower pace to acclimate your body to the hammock and get you versed in the terminology and core poses involved for Aerial Yoga.

Classes fill up fast so register in advance to reserve your spot. A 6 hour cancellation notice is required or a penalty of a lost class or charge may occur. Classes currently priced at only $12 for a single class, 5 classes/$50, 10 classes/$90. Schedule and pricing subject to change.

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