alyse's family

A quick update on the where-abouts and how-abouts of

The Johnson Clan

Lane and Marcia:
Lane's new two songs, "Some Rain Must Fall" and "After the Rain" premiered early this month at the BYU Concert Choir and BYU singers concert. He just finished writing the graduation song that Michelle's choir is going to sing for graduation. He is still working at Symantec and is excited to remodel our house this sumer with Mike. Marcia is sewing Michelle's prom dress. It is beautiful and shows off her sewing skills. She is also coaching Caleb's soccer team. She's enjoyed cooking and trying new recipes the last several months and we have all been the beneficiaries of her experimentation. Her garden is doing very well and it's produces graces the table often. 



Catherine and Adam Perkins: 
My Grandma and Grandpa Johnson are on a mission in Nauvoo currently so Catherine and Adam have volunteered to house sit for them. They are living in Orem, UT. Adam is going to school at BYU and working at NuSkin. Catherine is teaching Kindergarten, however, this will be her last year teaching for awhile because her and Adam are having twins!!! Catherine's pregnancy so far has been a little rough, but the babies are doing great. Catherine and Adam are super excited for their new arrivals which will be coming in early September.

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Kevin is still going to BYU, but he's taking a break this summer to work. He works for a computer company doing stuff I don't really understand, but he's really good at it, and it will look really good on his resume. Kevin is living in Provo right now with friends. He and his new roommates spent an entire night setting up their TV, DV player, DVR, Wii, and other stuff that I don't really understand. So give Kevin a call if you want to have a good time. He's studying computer science and has participated in BYU's Men's Chorus and Concert Choir.
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I'm egotistical and I have created an entire blog all about me, so you can read it to find out what I'm up to. :)



Mike is working at Complete Cabinetry. He's a very skilled woodworker. He went to Hawaii last fall to install cabinets for a week. Mike is planning on designing and building a beautiful entertainment center for our house's family room this summer. Whoever is in town this summer should stop by and see how it's coming along because in Mike's words the entertainment center is going to be "sexy." Mike is still writing and recording a lot of music. I've told him to put his music online so people can look it up, so hopefully it will be up soon.
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Kirsten and Mark Moody:
Kirsten and Mark are up in Rexburg going to school. Kirsten is studying elementary education and Mark is studying psychology. They too are expecting in June!!!! They are going to be having a little boy. The baby measures larger than normal, but Kirsten's hoping he comes late so she can be done with school when he is born. Both Mark and Kirsten are going to school this summer. Mark is also doing two internships. he is working as a research assistant for a psychology professor and he is working with the church doing research on safety and claims... They are both working really hard and excited for their baby.
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Michelle is finishing up her last year of high school. She has really enjoyed being student body president, but she's excited to move on to bigger and better things. She is planning on attending BYU and is going to live in Heritage Halls with a friend. Michelle has considered studying Recreational Management and Youth Leadership, but she probably will change her mind a few more times...:) She just quit her job as a janitor at an elementary school so now she can play for the last month of school.  

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Clint graduated from Telos in March and is now living at home. He's still going to Telos Academy for school until June. He's considering going down to Arizona to live with our Aunt and Uncle for the summer, but he's not sure yet. He's working at Baskin Robins and is really good at serving two scoops ice cream so you should stop by and visit. Clint also continues to write and record his own music. He's put some of his songs up on his website, However, he's written about five songs since then so you should pressure him to put those songs up too.

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Marci is about to finish junior high! She's excited to go to Pleasant Grove High next year. Currently she is in the band as a percussionist, she's on the Oak Canyon basketball team, and she sings in the top choir. She's also on a soccer team with Brian and Andre. Marci is super talented at whatever she tries. She plays the piano, trumpet, French horn, guitar, clarinet, sax, and she sings. 

Brian is almost done with 7th grade. He is playing on a soccer team with Andre and Marci. He is on the track team is a high jumper. Brian made the All-Stars, a competitive soccer team, but decided not to play with them this year. Brian is in the band and plays the clarinet, and he is learning how to play the saxophone.

Andre is crazy as always. He is on the track team and runs the 800 meter race. He is really good and is the second fastest 7th grader. He got invited to go to Alpine Days which is the District's big track meet. Andre is playing on a soccer team with Marci and Brian. He is planning on playing football this summer.


Caleb is also on a soccer team coached by mom. He is super excited to be involved in it. He is also going to Canyon School for the Arts. A private school that gives him the extra attention and time that he needs to develop intellectually. He is learning karate which he loves showing off to others. He is just as sweet and happy as always.


Nancy and Keith:
Well, I'm not sure what they're up to, but I'm going to go ahead and assume that they are preparing the three new babies to come to earth. I feel really lucky to be able to go on this trip because I know that this is something my mom would have loved to do.