2015 Ökolinguistikum / Ecolinguisticum
International symposium on Ecolinguistics
General topic: Discourses about the Environment
call for papers: please send an abstract (300 words) to     or

2010 'Verbal' workshop:
Empirical Ecolinguistics / Empirische Ökolinguistik
Symposium held as part of the Austrian Conference of Linguists.
October 24 - 25, A-2010, Graz, Merangasse 70.
Co-organizer: Prof. Hermine Penz
2008 AILA Conference Essen
Two ecolinguistic symposia were held within the AILA conference at Essen, where linguists from all over the world met (August, 2008).
One of these symposia was concerned with language diversity and 'small' languages, the other one with discourse about environmental matters.
Organizers were (1) Martin Döring, Alwin Fill and Wilhelm Trampe, and (2) Richard Alexander, Martin Döring and Wilhelm Trampe. It is envisaged that the talks from the two symposia will be published in a theme volume.
2006 GAL Symposium Münster (Westf.)
In September 2006 an ecolinguistic symposium was held as one of the "Themenberreiche" of the GAL conference at Münster (Westfalen).
Organizers were M. Döring (Hamburg), A. Fill (Graz) and W. Trampe (Diepenau/Osnabrück).
15 papers were given by scholars from Germany, Russia, Romania and Portugal.
2005 verbal Symposium Graz

From 29th to 31st October 2005, a symposium on Applied Ecolinguistics was held in Graz (Austria) under the auspices of the Austrian "Verband Angewandte Linguistik" (verbal). In contrast to previous conferences, this symposium focused on aspects of application in the areas of both language ecology and eco-criticism.
The papers given referred to the following topic areas:

Language ecology:
- Minority languages (endangerment, maintenance, planning)
- Language policies (EU, countries in other continents)
- Economic aspects of language diversity (cost of maintenance, job creation etc.)
- The relation between linguistic and biological diversity
- Language and culture (interrelation, linguistic and cultural diversity)

- Anthropocentrism and growthism as represented in the media (text, picture, text picture combination, film etc.; advertising, political texts etc.)
- Contrastive ecolinguistics: comparing anthropocentrism, speciesism etc. in different languages
- Eco-critical discourse analysis of texts concerning the 'environment'
- Teaching 'eco-literacy' at school and university (how to teach interrelation and environmental empathy)

The proceedings have been published in a theme volume Sustaining Language (2007) edited by A. Fill and H. Penz.

2004 GAL Wuppertal

The 2004 GAL conference was held at Wuppertal, and Ecolinguistics was represented with a "Themenbereich" (thematic area) on "minority languages - language minorities" organized by W. Trampe, A. Fill and H. M. Döring. The thematic area was well attended, and AILA representatives Richard B. Baldauf (Australia) and Marilda Cavalcanti (Brazil) were among the speakers. The papers will be published in a theme volume edited by Döring and Trampe.

2003 GAL Tübingen

At the GAL conference in Tübingen, Germany (25th to 27th September, 2003), an "Arbeitskreis" (workshop) on language and ecology was organized by Alwin Fill, Wilhelm Trampe and Martin Döring.

2002 GAL Cologne

The GAL-conference in Cologne (September, 2002) also included a workshop on language and ecology, in which six papers on diverse topics in ecolinguistics were read to a particularly interested audience: it was suggested that an attempt should be made to establish ecolinguistics as a section within GAL in order to move it into the centre of this organization at future conferences.

2001 GAL Passau

At the GAL conference in Passau, Germany (27th to 29th September, 2001) ecolinguistics was represented with a "Themenbereich" (thematic area). The papers of this conference were published in the volume Colourful Green Ideas edited by Alwin Fill, Hermine Penz and Wilhelm Trampe (2002).

2000 Graz symposium

December 2000: At the Austrian conference of linguists held at the University of Graz, Austria, in December, 2000, there was a special symposium on "30 years of ecolinguistics". The proceedings of this symposium were published in 2002 in a conference volume titled Colourful Green Ideas (eds. A. Fill, H. Penz, W. Trampe).

1999 AILA Tokyo

AILA '99 Tokyo: At the AILA conference in Tokyo (1-6 Aug, 1999), ecolinguistics was represented with a keynote talk by A. Fill and a symposium and workshop organised by Andrew Goatly and Frans Verhagen.

1998 IPrA Reims

A. Fill co-organiser of workshop on eco-pragmatics.

1997 GAL Bielefeld

A. Fill co-organiser of workshop "Ecolingustics".

1996 Utrecht

6th conference of ISSEI (International Association of the Study of European Ideas)
Organiser of symposium on "Language and Ecology".

1996 AILA Jyväskylä

A. Fill co-organiser of symposium "Ecolinguistics - problems, theories and methods".

1995 Klagenfurt symposium

At the Austrian conferenc of linguists held at the University of Klagenfurt in October, 1995, a special symposium on 'language and ecology' was organised by Alwin Fill and Hermine Penz. The papers of the symposium were published in a conference volume titled Sprachökologie und Ökolinguistik (1996).