Top To Bottom Cleaning Services

top to bottom cleaning services
  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"
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  • An act of assistance
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  • In the lowest or last position in a competition or ranking
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  • In the lowest position
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top to bottom cleaning services - Antec Gaming
Antec Gaming Case for Desktops DF-85
Antec Gaming Case for Desktops DF-85
Time to build a killer rig? Turn to Antec. The DF-85 is the gaming case re-envisioned, with all the award-winning build quality that makes Antec cases famous with plenty of airy, wide-open expandability from 14 total drive bays and 7 expansion slots. Fleet-Release front drive bays allow swift customization of front fan and drive configurations and easy access to tool-less, washable fan filters. A top-mounted hot-swappable SATA (SSD-compatible) drive bay plus Fleet-Swap SATA drive interfaces offer blazing fast throughput with superb convenience. With pioneering design and world-first conveniences, the Dark Fleet DF-85 is the case of choice for your next flagship.

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View from the Dirt Mound
View from the Dirt Mound
Here is another view from the top of the large dirt mound you can see at Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve, Hillsboro, Oregon. Here are some of the things you can see. To the driver’s side of the blue truck is the present Jackson Bottom Slough. Many years ago the farmers who were using Jackson Bottom for farming excavated this slough so the wetlands would drain. This was done years ago, before the Clean Water Act (and subsequent Acts) would have prohibited it. Next year the slough will be filled in and the path of the water will go through the newly restored area beyond the slough in this picture. Note that most of the area in the picture is under water during about 2 of the winter months. The road the truck is on will be raised 3-4 feet and become part of the 100 acres or so of ponds that will be created, with that area being under where I am standing to take this picture. It will extend to the north and east from this point. Since the land to the north (to the right out of the picture) is a higher elevation from the land to the left, terrace type dikes will be constructed to retain the water traversing the area. This part of this project is being financed by Ducks Unlimited. That organization, supported with Federal grant money and private money, does these types of projects all over North America. No, hunting is not allowed here. The land is mostly within the City Limits of Hillsboro; and it is public land owned by Clean Water Serviced, a Washington County, Oregon, agency, and the City of Hillsboro. The pile of dirt I am standing on is “clean wetlands dirt” that measures about 30,000 cubic yards which will be enough to do the dikes. To the left center you can see some stumps. These have been brought in to provide habitat for small critters such as frogs, salamanders, etc., protecting them from their natural predators, mostly birds and mammals. Jackson Bottom Wetlands is home to the northern red-legged frog. Their numbers have been falling (although not as much as their California cousins which are endangered) and the Preserve has been working to increase their numbers in this area. The new habitat will help. The area in the photo looks a little ragged, but by this time next year, when most of the project is done, you will see a very positive difference and an increase in natural habitat. Come and visit the Preserve and see for yourself.
Public Service Announcement
Public Service Announcement
no - there aren't +2 in comments with sequence of what happened next. I need some color in my life today...get my spunk back. I've got to get into vacation mode and this image was a good reminder for me to pack appropriate beach attire. I've lost my bikini top to rogue waves in the past and it's just not cool. The only clue I get that something is not right is my husband's glazed over eyes. It takes him a minute to realize we're in a public beach before he rushes toward me. The toddler doesn't help. That wild cat of mine tugs on clothes to get attention and the last thing we want is a tug on the bathing suit bottom. So the one-piece is in the suitcase. This cutie got my attention because for a second I thought he was Eric Bana in all his scruffy gorgeousness. It wasn't.... BUT he could serve as a public service announcement to wear proper surfing attire, but I don't think he cared that his swim trunks came down. He didn't flinch when he saw the perverted woman aiming a zoom lens in his direction. Just smiled and went on doing his thing... Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!!

top to bottom cleaning services
top to bottom cleaning services
Thermos E10500 16-Ounce Leak-Proof Travel Mug
For over 100 years consumers have trusted Thermos brand products to keep their foods and beverages hotter, cooler and fresher. Today this tradition continues with an array of products for every purpose. Element 5 by Thermos is designed to go wherever your journey takes you and to enhance the experience of being there. The Thermax® vacuum insulation virtually eliminates temperature change by creating an airless vacuum space between two stainless steel walls. The result is an insulation layer that performs better than any other. A superior insulated container you can depend on to keep your food and beverages hotter, colder, fresher, longer.

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