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Spot Bot Cleaning Solution

spot bot cleaning solution
    cleaning solution
  • When cleaning contact lenses, the first step is often to apply a few drops of cleaning solution to the surface and rub gently for about 20 seconds. The solution and the rubbing work together to loosen any debris, which is then rinsed off with saline solution. The next step? Disinfection and storage.
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  • (chiefly in science fiction) A robot
  • botfly larva; typically develops inside the body of a horse or sheep or human
  • In legal history, a bote, also spelled bot or bot, was a compensation, recompense, or amends. It is the source of a variety of other terms, including the following: manbote, which is amends paid to a lord for a servant who was killed; boteless, where no judgment or favor will acquit someone, as
  • The Botanic Inn, more often affectionately known as "The Bot", is a bar/nightclub situated near Botanic Gardens in the Queen's Quarter of Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is one of the most popular social venues in the city.
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spot bot cleaning solution - Bissell Remanufactured
Bissell Remanufactured SpotBot Hands-Free Compact Deep Carpet Cleaner, 1200R
Bissell Remanufactured SpotBot Hands-Free Compact Deep Carpet Cleaner, 1200R
The Remanufactured Bissell 1200R SpotBot hands-free compact deep cleaner is a revolutionary spot cleaner that gives you the freedom to walk away while it does the work for you. Simply set the SpotBot on the spot or stain, hit start, and walk away--SpotBot does the work for you, allowing you to do other things. The SpotBot has a preprogrammed cycle for surface or set-in stains but also switches to manual cleaning. This machine works great for removing stains such as red wine, cola, fruit juice, and coffee and also works great on pet stains. The unique spiral brushing action cleans in a circular motion; in one cycle it completes over 400 cleaning revolutions for thorough and effective removal of tough stains. Includes manufacturer's limited 90-day warranty.

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Comparison of dust and oil spots, D7000
Comparison of dust and oil spots, D7000
I briefly owned a Nikon D7000 but found large spots appearing on my images. I discovered that oil was being flicked on to the sensor when the shutter fired. A small number of D7000 users have had similar problems and have lengthy sagas to relate about the trouble getting the problem fixed. The problem is disbelief at Nikon service centres and equal disbelief (often delivered in an ill-mannered fashion) by Nikon fans online. Nothing is perfect and a few misbehaving D7000s may not turn out to be a big issue, but the way the owners of these cameras are treated most certainly is. It is ungracious for them to be accused of negligent use, allegedly resulting in dust contamination, when they are innocent victims. I thought that this pair of images might better illustrate the difference between dust on a sensor and oil spots. The images were taken at similar apertures, f8 at the top and f6.3 at the bottom. The top image was taken with a Pentax K10. It was about three years old when the shot was taken and had 40,000 shutter actuations, numerous lens changes and considerable mucky field use. The sensor has never been wet-cleaned (actually never cleaned at all except the occasional puff of air). A few small dark spots can be seen (two are arrowed) and smaller ones do show at higher apertures. They appear anywhere on the image. The bottom image was taken by a four week old Nikon D7000 which had about 800 shutter actuations. The camera had the same lens attached over the four week period so absolutely zero lens changes. The spots are larger, rounded and predominantly appear at the bottom right (i.e. there's a bias to where they appear, not randomly like dust). I have arrowed a few but you may well see some others that form a stream of splashes running diagonally up and right. A real challenge to 'Photoshop' out due to their size. Also, bear in mind that the image was taken at f6.3 so avoiding high apertures is not going to work. Yet this hardly credible suggestion has been posted in the forums and, in one case, suggested by Nikon service engineers: akin to telling a Porsche owner not to exceed 15 miles per hour. I am aware that the bottom image may appear dim on some monitors (I edited the image on a Mac with a bright screen) but hopefully the spots will show up. Click on it to get a view against a dark background. Copying this image? Please do and show to anyone you like, especially service technicians. They keep saying that haven't seen this before...repeatedly. I hope this settles the argument but I am not counting on it. Intelligent feedback welcome; unhelpful remarks may be deleted.
(365/304) You're such a bad ass Spot!!!
(365/304) You're such a bad ass Spot!!!
My Mom lives less than a mile away, so we made her dinner and decided to walk it to her house with Spot. On the way back, we encountered another Pit Bull and we stopped in our tracks, two seconds later she attacks Spot! It was horrible, we were screaming and no one came out to help us. It seemed like the fight lasted forever and Spot fought back like a champ, he did real good and didn't hesitate but he is 12, and was getting tired. As much as I hated doing this, I kicked the dog about 4 or 5 times to try and get her off Spot. When Spot got loose from his collar, the Pit Bull took him down and put him in a very vulnerable position- I wasn't going to have my baby go out like that. Enough was enough, I reached in and grabbed the pitbull by the scruff and pulled her off Spot and held her down. Thank you Eva for giving me such amazing nails that are strong enough to dig into a dogs scruff and not break off. I don't know how I did that, but I held the dog down and suddenly realized she could easily turn on me...but she didn't, as soon as I let her go she cowered and ran back home. Spot is fine... he may be a little sore tomorrow but I'm just thankful- someone was watching out for us, it could have been a lot worse.

spot bot cleaning solution
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