How to clean outside of house : How to clean cats teeth.

How To Clean Outside Of House

how to clean outside of house
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how to clean outside of house - Vantage Point
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09/21/2010 -- Today, I woke up & immediately cleaned my house. Did up what looked like 2 days of dishes & folded & put away like 3 loads of laundry. Messed around online for a bit, but not much.. & attempted to bake cookies but I think my eggs were bad, plus I forgot about them & they burnt up QUICKLY! My bad, since it was only one of those SMALL $1 boxes from Wal-Mart. Apparently a smaller batch cooks faster, ha! Or I had put the temperature too high (to cook our chicken nuggets for lunch) & wasn't paying attention because I got caught up when finishing my little bit of cleaning that was left! Anyway. I have been in this house for a WEEK. Short of some photoshoots on the weekend & taking Gunner outside for 20-30mins at a time, we have been cooped up inside. I left the door on my Jeep open (seatbelt got caught in it) so I ran the battery dead. Didn't have jumper cables to jump it, so it was sitting for the WHOLE weekend (since like, last Thursday actually) & if we left, we just drove Sean's car. Still not jumped, blah blah. Well today I got bored & wanted to leave to go to the park for a few. Posted olln FB about mommies going, then immediately deleted it because I had talked to my friend Natalie. We went out, she had picked up some new props (YAY!) & the boys played at the park. By the time we got home, Gunner was black. Like seriously... F I L T HY black crayon black. My tub was black, his water was black.. it was disgusting, but hey.. he's a boy! LOL. We had left home at like 2PM & got back home at around 5:15PM. Saw my cousin at the park that I hadn't seen since I was 13 & my great aunt! Funny how kids make some people clean their lives up. Last time I saw him, he was a junkie. Caught up in drugs, in and out of jail. I seen him today & he looked the best I've seen him in YEARS! I didn't even recognize him! His mom enjoyed Gunner. She's my papaw's sister.. but I honestly had no idea she had never really seen him. He played with Derek's little boy for a bit, but we were both pooooooped... so we came home. Sean got home, showered & we went to his parents' house for him to get a haircut. Stopped by Wal-Mart to get a few groceries, came home & had dinner and BAM! I'm ready to put this night to an end. Gunner didn't eat much, but fell asleep anyway. If he will get up, I'm gonna try to get him to eat.. if not, I guess he'll have a big breakfast. I ALSO GET JJ BACK TOMORROW! He's been on a mini-vacation at grandma's, like 34983948 miles away. I can't wait to see him & him & Gunner play! LOL I know JJ's momma has sure missed him though & I'm excited to see Tiffany again too :) Anyway.. goodnight y'all.
Hlauuma (north house)
Hlauuma (north house)
From the Taos Pueblo website: How old is Taos Pueblo? Our people have a detailed oral history which is not divulged due to religious privacy. Archaeologists say that ancestors of the Taos Indians lived in this valley long before Columbus discovered America and hundreds of years before Europe emerged from the Dark Ages. Ancient ruins in the Taos Valley indicate our people lived here nearly 1000 years ago. The main part of the present buildings were most likely constructed between 1000 and 1450 A.D. The appeared much as they do today when the first Spanish explorers arrived in Northern New Mexico in 1540 and believed that the Pueblo was one of the fabled golden cities of Cibola. The two structures called Hlauuma (north house) and Hlaukwima (south house) are said to be of similar age. They are considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the USA. How were the buildings constructed? The Pueblo is made entirely of adobe -- earth mixed with water and straw, then either poured into forms or made into sun-dried bricks. The walls are frequently several feet thick. The roofs of each of the five stories are supported by large timbers -- vigas -- hauled down from the mountain forests. Smaller pieces of wood -- pine or aspen latillas -- are placed side-by-side on top of the vigas; the whole roof is covered with packed dirt. The outside surfaces of the Pueblo are continuously maintained by replastering with think layers of mud. Interior walls are carefully coated with thin washes of white earth to keep them clean and bright. The Pueblo is actually many individual homes, built side-by-side and in layers, with common walls but no connecting doorways. In earlier days there were no doors or windows and entry was gained only from the top.

how to clean outside of house
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