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Always Dirty Never Clean Lyrics

always dirty never clean lyrics
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Always dirty, I am never clean, music is what you hear, and not what you see.
Always dirty, I am never clean, music is what you hear, and not what you see.
day 279 - october 2 2010 song of the day - always dirty, never clean - anarbor i did nothing today. stayed in bed, watching how i met your mother, until noon. then tried doing my homework, but failed. i went with my mom to my brothers soccer game and i was frozen the whole time. when we got home, i attempted at my homework again but failed once again. so yeah nothing productive today :/
Always Dirty. Never Clean — Anarbor
Always Dirty. Never Clean — Anarbor
one of my first film photographs. i was fishing through my photo album while i was packing and listening to music at the same time and i heard these lyrics and it was perfect for this photo.

always dirty never clean lyrics
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