The treatment to repair a pier as well as beam structure appropriately needs an extensive evaluation of the crawl space. The crawl space is the area below the floor that has pier supports, girders, sill plates and joists that have to be aesthetically evaluated for termite damages, completely dry rot, mold and mildew as well as appropriate design.

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A structural designer should be associated with the maintenance evaluation to insure the appropriate repair is described appropriately. Extensive clay soils could relocate the independent areas of the structure and also crawlspace creating distortion in the structure and also leaving indicators of structure activity in various degrees. Pipes leaks and also bad water drainage are contributing factors that can affect the clay dirts creating them to swell as well as compromise the supporting components of the framework.

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The repair work approach is dictated by the findings in the evaluation that the engineer outlines in his report. A repair work must adhere to the designers outline to guarantee longtime efficiency of completion result. Using sub quality products can result in a fallen short longtime repair work creating costly future costs to keep the foundation.

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There are different kinds of pier and light beam structure building depending on the exterior and interior tons the framework is lugging. The size of the girders or light beams in addition to the size of the joists dictate the style layout of the pier and also light beam framework. The bigger the joists the even more the girder supports are enabled to be spaced. The bigger and also further the interior girder sustains or piers the better the permitted space between piers.


Air flow is essential beneath the floor to minimize the results of dampness in the wood aspects as well as mold. A designer needs to consist of in his record if the air flow should be boosted and the number of, kind, dimension and places of vents to advertise appropriate ventilation. Incorrect ventilation could lead to reduced durability of the wood elements resulting in future preventable expenditure.

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Drain adjustment in locations of ponding water within 10 feet of the framework need to be dealt with by the designer. Poor drain can trigger the crawlspace location to build up standing water especially if the ground surface elevation underneath the flooring is less than the outside ground surface elevation, A french drain is normally suggested to address drainage problems around the foundation where your trying to reduce the water table.

Pier and also Light beam structure are categorized as deep structures. They have contractors piers below their exterior grade light beam. The pre-construction piers are installed prior to the exterior ground of the quality beam is put giving the outside light beam extra assistance as well as a further foundation. Size as well as depths of the piers differ depending on the tons and also geographical locations. Many contractors piers I have faced on pier structures are connected to the grade light beam ground with rebar despite the fact that Designers recommend to not connect the ground to the piers.

When constructed in locations with large clay soils void boxes are applied under the ground in order to help allow the clay soils to swell without raising the structure. Soil examinations are done to determine the amount of swell in the clay soils called PVR (Prospective for Vertical Rise). In Irving TX there are areas that have as much as 13 inches of swell in the soil.

The issues with fixing a pier and beam that structure companies face are normally with older structures with fragile concrete grounds. If a repair service is finished with push piers utilizing the weight of the structure the quality light beam will not have the ability to take the stress called for to mount the piling without harming the footing. Concrete pushed pilings are problematic when mounting due to the fact that pier as well as beams are light frameworks and also appropriate depth is tough to achieve. I have run into the exact same issue setting up steel piers either the framework is to light or the beam gets damaged from the flex of the beam of light throughout the driving process.