Alvin Raj

Ph.D. (Computer Science, MIT)
alvin.a.raj at gmail dot com

Scientific Interests

(in no particular order)

Perception, Data Visualization, Illusions, Computer Vision, Texture Models, Visual Search, Modeling, Crowding, Machine Learning, Graphical Models, Probability, Humor Theories, Computational Humor

Publications & Abstracts

News / Media

Sept 11, 2012: Life's Little Mysteries article about the Pinna-Gregory Illusion

Feb 3, 2012: New Scientist's "Friday Illusion" about the Pinna-Gregory Illusion and its relation to our peripheral model.

Aug 9, 2011: MIT News Office article about GelSight

Fall, 2006: University of Washington Math Department Undergraduate Awards


Other random things

Website Saliency: Use this tool to check how salient parts of your web design is. It is hosted on my desktop, so it can be pretty slow, especially if I am also using it to crunch some numbers at the same time.

Alpern Website: My desktop's http server. Has links to texture synthesis online app, and image viewers, and a few other things.

Sorting Demo: Java applets that demonstrate how certain sorting algorithms work (don't judge me too harshly on this code. I wrote the Radix Sort applet shortly after my first Java programming class, and Jason Harrison was nice enough to post my code on his website even though my code was not that well written, and we didn't know each other).

Just For Fun

(in progress)