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Girl Toys Age 9

girl toys age 9
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Hadley signing out! Just wanted to give a quick sum up. Overall, I love this doll and these clothing pieces. They're cute, fun and would be fabulous for any age from little girls to adult collectors. Her face is adorable and her hair is decent, though not perfect. The body, which I did not show, is articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, plus that mid-torso joint that falls under the breasts. Not the most articulation ever, but it works for these dolls. Now one really weird thing that I was not able to photograph is her lower legs. The entire lower portion of her leg and about 1 centimeter above her knee is painted. PAINTED. Why? Nowhere else on her body is painted! (Save her face, of course.) The transition from regular plastic color to painted color is super obvious and they didn't paint the joint itself, so when her knees are bent, you've got the paler knee stuck between the two painted parts. I don't get this AT ALL. The painted legs need to go and the sleeves need to be wider. Those are the two things I'd like to see fixed. But again, she's fantastic overall. I'll definitely be buying the individual ones when they're released.
SuGus with their GREAT Grand daughters! Indiana is 9 months old! I cant believe it! These 9 months went by SO much faster than the pregnancy! Indiana is such a happy little girl now and she has grown up so much this past month! Here are her milestones... * She is babbling all the time * She is still on 1 breastfeed and 4 Bottles but I think she is ready to drop her afternoon bottle. She is also on 3 solid feeds a day. * Her favourite food, avocado and banana mashed together and also watermelon * She is now getting onto all fours and rocking back and forth * Still no teeth but is chewing on toys and dribbling lots * LOVES Liberty * Giggles when she is happy, its SO cute! * Loves swimming and the bath * Has such long hair. Her fringe now covers her eyes. * Is sleeping through the night! Horray!! * Is an early riser, around 6:30am most mornings (will have to work on that! haha) * having one to two daysleeps * Sitting easily now * Loves her dummy * Gives beautiful cuddles Cant believe my girls are now at an age when they can play together! Its beautiful to watch!!

girl toys age 9
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