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Collectible Mcdonalds Toys

collectible mcdonalds toys
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My McDonald's Collectibles
My McDonald's Collectibles
These are McDonald's Collectibles. I just got the "Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese" and "Fries". There other is a Mc Ice-cream cone that can actually Transform into a robot. Taken with my Samsung TL-350 on Manual mode with Customised White Balance in Macro Setting.
McDonald's Collectibles
McDonald's Collectibles
This is the 2nd week addition to the pack. The McCafe Coffee Cup and Fillet-O-Fish, taken together with last weeks Double Quarter Ponder with Cheese and French Fries. Taken with Samsung TL-350 on Manual Mode with Customised White Balance, Macro and Miniature Smart Filter.

collectible mcdonalds toys
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