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Bug Toys For Boys

bug toys for boys
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Oniscidea felis ludis - Cat Toy
Oniscidea felis ludis - Cat Toy
My cat, Loopuss, calls this "the one that got away." While in my house they are called cat toys, common names for woodlice include: "armadillo bug", "(bowling) ball bug", "butcher boy", "carpenter" (Newfoundland), "cheesybug" (Kent) "chiggywig" (Dorset and possibly other regions), "cheeselog" or "parsons pig" (Isle of Man), "chuggy pig", "daddy gramfer/gampfer" (West Country), "doodle bug", "Aquinases" (York), "Granny Grey" (South Wales), "grub", "hardy back", "Schmerbeckers" (London), "pecker bug", "pill bug" (usually applied only to the genus Armadillidium), "pookie/pooky" (Ireland), "potato bug", "roly-poly", "slater" (Australia and New Zealand also Scotland), "sow bug", and "woodbug".
Family of Felted Wool Bees
Family of Felted Wool Bees
This little bee family is completely made from wool using the needle felting technique. They are a safe and eco-friendly choice for the little bug in your life. Any family member will love these cute bugs! Buzzy bee Grandma and big kid measure approximately 3" in diameter, babies measure approx 1 1/2" - they all have four legs and a piece of wool firmly attached for flying and pollen collecting purposes. Deep inside, a little silver bell is nestled which jingles softly when they fly. They are also a cute spring decoration. A great addition to your Easter basket! Enter my shop here asherjasper.etsy.com

bug toys for boys
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