Bio (very short)

Dr. Alvaro Huerta is an Assistant Professor with a joint, tenure-track position in Urban & Region Planning and Ethnic & Women’s Studies at Cal Poly Pomona. Dr. Huerta’s research focuses on the intersecting domains of community & economic development, Chicana/o & Latina/o studies, immigration & Mexican diaspora, social movements, social networks and the informal economy. As the author of the book, Reframing the Latino Immigration Debate: Towards a Humanistic Paradigm (San Diego State University Press, 2013), he’s currently working on a second book on Mexican immigrants and their social networks in the informal economy. 

He has also published widely in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers. Additionally, as advocate for national policies centered on social, racial and economic justice, Dr. Huerta has been interviewed / quoted frequently in major media outlets and consulted nationally on key urban planning and ethnic studies issues in the U.S.

Raised in a Tijuana slum (Colonia Libertad) and East Los Angeles barrio (Ramona Gardens housing project or Big Hazard projects), Dr. Huerta is the product of public schools, from inner-city schools (K-12) to elite universities. He holds a B.A. (history) and M.A. (urban planning) from UCLA, in addition to a Ph.D. (city & regional planning) from UC Berkeley.

As the son of Mexican immigrants from the state of Michoacán, Dr. Huerta is happily married to Antonia Montes.