My research is devoted to the study of the early stages of star formation in molecular clouds. Using different radioastronomical techniques at
(sub-)mm wavelengths, I investigate the gas dynamics inside these objects and its connection with the formation of stars and dense cores. During the last years, I majored on the study of large-scale surveys of clouds, filaments, and cores combining both continuum and molecular line observations. Starting from the study of low-mass star-forming clouds like Taurus, in the future I aim to extend this work to more massive environments in regions like Orion or the more distant IRDCs.

Four main questions drive my research:
  • Which physical processes control the formation of stars in molecular clouds?
  • How does the transition between diffuse and dense gas occur inside clouds?
  • What is the internal structure of low- and high-mass filaments? 
  • Is the star formation process universal?

  • Star Formation
  • Radioastronomical observations
  • Gas kinematics
  • Filaments, bundles, and fibers

Scientific highlights