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message # 5584  (To Than Than Htwe)

dr thane oke kyaw myint

oct 31 2006......

Dear Lavender, thanks for your frank comments. Many of us had grown up not even knowing what democracy, free and fair elections, freedom of speech etc. mean. At least, I caught the "fever' of the last Ta Ka Tha (Tetkatho Kyaung Thar That Megga") elections in 1961. 

While a lot of frivolous message had been posted, at least the members are now more vocal with their opinion whether it be on Merdeka football match, critique on a news article or on any topic like ET.

The unspoken fear that we had been made to feel still lingers on in many of us how many years we have been away, so that not all alumni joined with their own name as ID but use psudonyms or abbreviations. No one is to blame. Some are not posting messsages not because they do want to but because they worry about "consequences". This remark will propable provoke another strong Email from Alice, like the first time we got re-connected !!! I am sure that Alice had forgotten what
she wrote to me.

At least the first objective of becoming a single cohesive group is emerging, rather than many disparate groups scattered all over the world. 

We ( I do not mean any specific group) have started intitiatives that are commendable. Most of us know the problems and the root causes but as I wrote earlier, let us try to come up with options and solutions rather than listing of problems.

i admire your batch of 1979 because you all are such a cohesive Group: you would know already of the story of the Old man and his sons and a bundle of sticks. Even within this Group, the few dozens of your batch are taking a major role in stimulating dialogue.

I asked for help in capacity building of young paediatricians and the response made to me directly or over the Group site was overwhelming.

Please keep on voicing your concerns and we can put our heads together. Options and ideas are tabled and many are commenting on feasability under the present circumstances.

The second objective is informing one another: that is also happening so taht one group know what another group is doing so that in the future we can avoid duplication of efforts.

The third objective; to see how we can start coordinated efforts to help our coleagues back home: Jennifer is coming up with sugestions on how BMA-NA could do the coordination; others are also thinking out of the box.

Younger members have urged me to write "Vision" and "Mission" statements but at this time, I decided not to make this Group too formal and rigid but continue mobilzation drive so that we have representation from all countries where alumni reside and work in.

To misquote the American astronaut, "This may be a small step for Burma but it is defintely a giant leap for many of us"

With love and metta