our poems



   'I want to go Home'



1.  Honestly, I want to go Home

     From a country which is not my own

     Though having a career, life much better

     I won't be happy to settle forever.


2.  'Burma', 'Myanmar; we proudly call

      Motherland which means so much to ua all

      'Seeking brighter future' makes us leave

      Sad in our hearts - heavy and heave.


3.  Never a day went by without thinking
     Pray that 'She' won't go on sinking

  A beautiful land rich in resources

    Once endowed with intellect forces.


4.  Thinking of  a  'Reunion' - we all shall meet

     Smiling, laughing, hugging we'll greet

     Though now spread all over the globe

      'Rendevous Homeland' - do let us HOPE.


(Idea conceived from the recent posts from brothers and sisters alumni)

                               by Dr Khin Maung Gyi, Class of 1966, IM1

                               November 1, 2006