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Many websites of Burmese doctors exist, by year of graduation, by the institute, by geographical areas based on areas of residence or practice. The objective of this Group is to bring together representatives of the alumni from different insitutes (including the former medical schools and current universities of medicine in Myanmar) for infomation sharing, re-establishing contacts and if possible to coordinate efforts being made by each Group to support our medical schools, former teachers and activities in health. This is not meant to either replace the formation and function of each group nor to supercede what groups that are already in existence.

Thane Oke Kyaw-Myint
Class of 1967, Institute of Medicine 1, Rangoon 
4. Prof. R. Ba Pe, FRCP(Edin), DTM&H
5. Prof. Daw Myint Myint Aye, FRCP (Edin), DTM&H
6. Dr. U Pe Nyun, FRCS (Edin)