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dr thane oke kyaw myint

july 13 2006......


 When I was asked by a few "young" or "younger" doctors whom i call my "Neik Ban Zaw" to start a website for all alumni, the first
objective was to get people together, develop a cohesive group,
provide a forum to meet and reunite with friends, and also a forum to post opinions, information etc.
Having just passed the THREE MONTHS' mark on the 11th. July, I would like to remain as per above: my father, a politician, a lawyer who specialised in constitutional law and a judge told me two things 

(a) to stay out of politics as politics as was practised in many countries including Burma then was a dirty game (Thakin Kyi Shein and the Chauk Laung Pyan Lu That Hmu Gyi) but (b) that I was to remember that politics was a civic duty. One just can not remain non-political if one cares for one's country and one's people.

Saya Nyo quoted a number of times, the start of Lincoln's Gettysburgh speech " With malice towards none and charity for all " but we should also remeber how it ended with "we, the government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from this earth."

It is healthy to present one's opinion in a constructive way which all
have being doing. Debating is also healthy as according to Marx, "Only when thesis and antithesis meets, only then can synthesis happen. " We are some way to go to the stage of Synthesis. Both Socrates, Plato and Aristoltle and the Greek philospohers used debate and questioning or posing questions rather than giving answers.

Way to go, Alumni - just carry on as we are for the time being. I, for
one is learning, a lot more than I have known in the past, not only
from my seniors esp. Saya Nyo but also from colleagues younger than me but more learned in their own ways.

With metta


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