Cost Of Heater Core Replacement

cost of heater core replacement
    heater core
  • A heater core is a radiator-like device used in heating the cabin of a vehicle. Hot coolant from the vehicle's engine is passed through a winding tube of the core, a heat exchanger between coolant and cabin air.
  • A finned unit located in the passenger compartment and through which coolant from the engine flows to heat the unit. A fan blows air over the unit to heat the passenger compartment
  • The heater core is a miniature radiator that sits in the dashboard area. When the heater is turned on, it opens the heater valve which lets hot coolant into the heater core, which then warms the air coming into the vehicle's interior.
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The Moment Is Near
The Moment Is Near
I have been working off and on for the past 3 weeks and over 20 hours to get to this point. The new heater core is in but remains 1/2" from properly seating..... I should go back together MUCH quicker.
volvo heater core 0118.JPG
volvo heater core 0118.JPG
we found this in the back room while cleaning house

cost of heater core replacement
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