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Bedroom Furniture Sets Nj

bedroom furniture sets nj
    bedroom furniture
  • furniture intended for use in a bedroom
  • Furniture sets that are placed in your bedroom such as bed, dresser, chest of drawers and nightstand. Some bedroom collections even come with an armoire, chiffonier or storage chest. Depending on your preference, you may choose contemporary, traditional or transitional styled bedrooms.
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bedroom furniture sets nj - Phoenix Collection
Phoenix Collection Queen Size Book Case Chest Bed w/Drawers
Phoenix Collection Queen Size Book Case Chest Bed w/Drawers
Phoenix Collection Queen Size Book Case Chest Bed w/Drawers
Dimension: 93"L 63"W 56"H
Finish: Rich Deep Cappuccino
Material: Solid Hardwood & Veneers
Queen Size Bedroom from the Phoenix Collection.
The Phoenix bedroom collection queen size bookcase chest bed is crafted from solid hardwood with maple veneers in a rich cappuccino finish.
All drawers have beveled wood fronts and are accented with brushed nickel knobs.
This bookcase chest bed features ten useable drawers
The two drawers located on the bookcase headboard are felt lined.
Matching Nightstand, Chest, Dresser, Mirror and TV Armoire are sold separately.

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Lego Star Wars 2012 sets: Series 1 & 2 Mini Sets

bedroom furniture sets nj
bedroom furniture sets nj
Logan Gingham Check Print Lined Federal Valence Window Curtain, Red
Logan Gingham Check Lined Federal Valance - Gingham check print is one of the most popular decorating patterns today. The classic 1/8 small gingham check print creates an updated look and feel to any room while soft 100-percent cotton duck fabric creates a softer texture and smoother draping effect and that some times can't be achieved with inferior synthetic fabrics. You are sure to get a valence that's beautiful and functional in a decorating pattern that's timeless and long lasting. The Federal valance is constructed with a 3-inch rod pocket and is lined with a solid natural color fabric. Decorative corded edging along the bottom edge finishes it off. It measures 84-inch wide, and will accommodate approximately 30 - 48-inch of window width. Length is measured overall 15-inch from header top (above the rod pocket) to bottom of panel. Federal valances can be combined with coordinating Logan Gingham Check Tailored Tier Curtains and Tailored Pair Drape Panels with Tiebacks that are also available thru Amazon. Also available are matching Tailored Tier Curtains, Tailored Pair Drape Panels with Tiebacks, 3 Piece Lined Swag Curtain Set, Chair Pads, Throw Pillows, Shower Curtain, Bed Skirts/Dust Ruffles, Bed Comforters and Shams. Made in the USA, Dry clean only