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Your Quality Mold and Tooling Source

Intelligent Tooling© starts with know-how.  I have worked in mold manufacturing for over 20 years. Midwest Patterns has been in the tooling business since 1967.  So you can be sure your project will have the attention of a highly experienced team.

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Mike Milano
Sales Representative
Midwest Patterns Inc.

Quality Tooling Offered for the Following:

    • EPS/EPP Molds
    • Lost Foam Molds
    • Thermoform Molds
    • Twin Sheet Molds
    • Rim Molds
    • Foam-in-Place Fixtures
    • Check Fixtures
    • Pressure Form Molds
    • Trim Fixtures
    • Assembly and Drill Fixtures
    • Blow Molds
    • Rotational Molds
    • RIM Molds
    • Plaster Molds
    • FRP Compression Molds
    • Composite Lay-up Mandrels
    • Industrial/Foundry Patterns