Laptop Table For Sofa

laptop table for sofa
  • A laptop is a personal computer designed for mobile use that is small and light enough for a person to rest on their lap.
  • Jesse Hartman is a musician, filmmaker and actor, living in New York's East Village.
  • a portable computer small enough to use in your lap
  • A microcomputer that is portable and suitable for use while traveling
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laptop table for sofa - Adjustable Laptop
Adjustable Laptop Computer Notebook Desk Table (W5)
Adjustable Laptop Computer Notebook Desk Table (W5)
Solid wood tabletop
Steel stand with powder coated
Tiltable tabletop for more versatile angles
Swivel casters for easy mobility
Extra long tabletop applicable for both right-hand and left-hand users
Comes with flat fixers to replace the casters and keep the table in place
Special base for more sturdy support
Perfect for using over sofa, bed, on floor or elsewhere when using notebook, reading, writing, eating or drawing
Minor assembly required
Auction is for a black one. (Please kindly notice that the natural wood grain of each tabletop will be slightly different.)

88% (5)
iLap 15" laptop stand
iLap 15" laptop stand
I just got my 15" iLap stand from the store. Oddly, I ordered it on the 12th and it was calculated to process on the 14th-15th and then add a few days for shipping from there. It arrived on the 15th. That was a great surprise (and welcome) but I must say that since Apple's shipping required me to be available to sign for it it would have been *very* annoying for the average person who doesn't work from home to anticipate taking time off to accept delivery only to be surprised that it arrived before it was even scheduled to leave the warehouse. However, it's here and here's my first impressions: It matches my 15" Macbook Pro quite nicely. The finish is nice, clean, aluminum and... it has very little extraneous real estate beyond what the laptop requires. This was important to me because I did not want room for a mouse, I didn't want room for a drink holder... I wanted only enough stand to lift the notebook off the desk or my lap to allow for greater cooling. It does this just fine - just enough room for the computer itself and a little "safety" room. It's lightweight, sturdy, firm, and only has one movable part (the rear swivel pad that has a limited range of motion so it won't "flip" back and cause your computer to clunk downward - that's good). The removable velvet pad is nice. It has a slide-groove (plastic portion) inside a channel of the pad that allows it to slide on and remain gripping the stand itself so it remains in place on your lap fairly well. It's comfortable and soft. It even works fine on your desk to leave it on if you prefer the extra wrist rest benefit. The height it brings to the laptop is very acceptable (I did not want to levitate my computer off my desk more than necessary... my desk is perfect typing height for me). This is just enough to allow airflow but keep the computer positioned withing a comfortable range - and the slight angle is a surprising benefit to what I am used to. The underside has a strip on the front lip so the entire surface that comes in contact with your desk is soft and gentle... it won't scratch. Nice touch. The raindrop element in the center of the stand is a finely cut portion - it looks nice and probably adds a little to the cooling aspect. Either way between that cutout and the embossed "rain design iLap" lettering on the front it's clear the company took a considerate and artful approach to their branding. Apple would approve. The box (reminiscent of the MacBook Pro box - except in an off-grey) contains the stand, velvet removable cushion, simple instructions for placing the four, additional rubber feet (included) on the stand, and a brochure of their other interesting stand-oriented products). One of the personal benefits I've found about the stand is that I tend to have my Mac on my primary desk at an angle (visible in the photos) where one corner hangs over the edge of the desk slightly). I like having the stand itself provide the extra support for that corner... just in case time might cause a sag in the computer case, however unlikely that might be). Also, the stand receives the gripping-power of the Mac's rubber-feet quite well... so the laptop stays squarely on the stand without sliding. I have not even bothered to attach those extra, round gripping feet as it works well as-is. It works so well that I find myself frequently disconnecting the mag-safe power cord in an instant and just grabbing the laptop with both hands... stand and all - and walking off with them both to a comfy chair or kitchen table. It's quite convenient to just get up and relocate with the Mac still on the stand. Does it help cool the unit as described? It's hard to say. The CPU is currently reading 134F and I've employed a utility for dialing up my fan's RPM's from about 1,000 to nearly 2,000. I'm not sure if that greatly exceeds the operating temps listed for this unit but every little bit helps. The iLap does, however, completely improve the issue of lap heat for times when one wants to sit with the computer in a chair or sofa. There's no getting around how uncomfortable that is with these new Macs. So, it's a treat, now, to have the iLap taking the heat equation away and making it comfortable to simple sit with the laptop - in my lap. It also fits conveniently in the larger "slot" on my Slappa Aura Ballistix bag. The MacBook itself fits in the smaller compartment with room to spar and, if placed in a certain way, the iLap fits with room to spare plus adds a little extra protection to the computer inside. So, in my mind it's as portable as the Mac is in terms of using the bag. No worries if I need to go someplace and want to take the iLap along. Overall, I'm very pleased with it. It is a little hard to feel good about paying a price for something as simple as a folded and lightly engineered piece of aluminum... at least when it doesn't bring some astonishing improvement to the cooling like one might dre
Office Live / ad concept / Managing each other
Office Live / ad concept / Managing each other
I created this ad for a contest launched by the Office Live team. Office Live a free online service and an extension of Microsoft's trusted Office software suite: it's a new tool for developing an online presence and for storing, sharing and accessing documents from anywhere. The audience of the campaign is made up of small business owners and small organizations that already use Microsoft Office and the objective was to to increase awareness of and/or sign-ups for Office Live. Small business owners often have problems managing the everyday schedule, workflow and even space. My intention was to present Office Live's best solution for these problems: that fact that you can manage your companies schedule and workflow and access your documents from anywhere. I created a cluttered executive office where there is only one desk for two managers. This situation emphasizes the advantage of using Office Live's solutions: the independence from space. With Office Live you can create online workspaces for every project and share it with your co-workers and work on them together. I used a tagline with double meaning, which connects the cluttered workspace shown in the ad with Office Live's solution: "A better way to share your workspace." I also wanted to remind the audience that Office Live is an extension of Mircrosoft's Office suite, which they know and trust: I created a typical executive office workspace with planners and smartphones on the table and I placed a Microsoft Outlook logo next to the second tagline: Create online workspaces for each of your projects. Upload, manage and share your documents from anywhere. Create your workspace now. Sign up at So this whole composition is a reference to Microsoft Outlook and especially it's online alternative: Office Live. I also created references to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Browse my photostream to see them.

laptop table for sofa
laptop table for sofa
New Adjustable Computer Laptop Desk Bed Table Desk W/ Drawer
Having difficulty using your laptop or write while laying in bed? Here is your solution! Here is our Brand New ADJUSTABLE COMPUTER/LAPTOP TABLE WITH DRAWER AND ADJUSTABLE STAND. With this laptop desk,you can relax in bed or lounging on your sofa and still get your work done.
Large Shelf 14" x 14"
Small Shelf 7-3/4" x 14"
Adjustable High from 8-3/4" to 11-1/2"
Unit Dimension 21-3/4"W x 14"L x 8-3/4" TO 11-1/2"H adjustable.
Suitable up to 17" laptop.
tilted at 10, 25, 35 and 45 degrees.
flat for easy storage
No Assembly is required