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High Wheel Bicycles For Sale

high wheel bicycles for sale
    wheel bicycles
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Malvern Star Club/Path Racer *Frame F/S*
Malvern Star Club/Path Racer *Frame F/S*
My Circa 1960s Malvern Star Path Racer. One Star Model. Recently repainted, new decals from Greg Softly. Campagnolo Super Record HS, Phil Wood BB, TA Pro 3 Professional cranks with TA ring and TA pedals. Resilion high flange flip flob hubs laced to Mavic MA 2 40/32 holes. Brooks professional saddle, JPR track seatpost. Titan stem with porteur bars and brooks grips. Sram PC-1 track chain. Wheels built by Dustin at Freewheel Hayes, San Francisco. EDIT: Alas, this proved to be too small for me, no matter how I tried to convince myself it wasn't. So the Frame, tiny fenders, front brake (universal extra), seatpost, pump, TT protector and Campy SR HS are for sale. Send me a message if you want more into.
Columbia High-wheeled Bicycle, circa 1886
Columbia High-wheeled Bicycle, circa 1886
Fast and lightweight, the high-wheel bicycle required skill to ride and sometimes caused the rider to fall, but offered a novel form of transport. (National Museum of Natural History – Behring Center)

high wheel bicycles for sale