Electric In Wall Heater

electric in wall heater
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kitchen window
kitchen window
Centrum for byggnadsminnesvard (Center for restoration of historical buildings), Gysinge, Sandviken, Gastrikland, Sverige (Sweden). This place is to educate on the proper restoration and renovation of old buildings, using old methods and materials. You can take courses here and buy supplies, from old paintrecipes to fabric, nails, and wall paper in old design. Some parts of the buildings are in progress renovations to show how you can keep a lot of the old feel and still have an updated house to live in and love.
holmes electric heater fire (3)
holmes electric heater fire (3)
Our Holmes electric heater ( Holmes HH3800-U Console Heater) overheated at the wall outlet, and caught on fire. Luckily we were at home, smelled the burning, and had a fire extinguisher handy. This is what the plug looked like after the fact... I guess one metal prong is still stuck in the melted wall outlet.

electric in wall heater
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