Aluminium plantation shutters. Shutter furniture. Wall drapes.

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

aluminium plantation shutters
    plantation shutters
  • A window shutter is a solid and stable window covering usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails (top, center and bottom).
  • (Plantation Shutter) the name coined by Australian Timber Shutters in the 80s for their Australian style shutter with wide adjustable blades. Now a mostly generic term for timber shutters.
  • A hinged cover or screen for a window or door, usually fitted with louvres
  • aluminum: a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite
  • Aluminium ( ) or aluminum ( ) is a silvery white member of the boron group of chemical elements. It has the symbol Al and its atomic number is 13. It is not soluble in water under normal circumstances.
  • Aluminium is the name of a music project based upon an orchestral reworking of the music of the band The White Stripes. Its members are Richard Russell and Joby Talbot. Jack White, of the White Stripes, has endorsed the project.
aluminium plantation shutters - MFlare Ultrabright
MFlare Ultrabright Tactical Luxeon LED Aluminium Flashlight Torch Baton - 210 Lumens
MFlare Ultrabright Tactical Luxeon LED Aluminium Flashlight Torch Baton - 210 Lumens
At 210 Lumens on the high setting, this is one of the most powerful flashlight on the market. The Luxeon Rebel 90 white LED is the latest version of such power LED with great white light output. This flashlight is about the same size as a Mag-lite with 3 D cells but 10 times or more brighter. It is a patented 1X to 4X zoom focus head. You can have flood light to focus beam. Luxeon is an American technology from Silicon Valley. The quality of the constructions and the performance of the light is first rated. This flashlight is great to use as a work flashlight and strong enough as a baton. Overall dimension: 2.1 inch x 10 inch. ULTRA ENGERY SAVER, gives you 100+ hours of brightness!!

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San Francisco Plantation, LA ~ shutter latch
San Francisco Plantation, LA ~ shutter latch
The San Francisco Plantation House is a galleried house in the Creole manner. Constructed between 1849-50 for Edmond Marmillion. The cost of San Francisco Plantation House, along with the paintings and other interior decorations, may have given rise to the house's name. One legend holds that the French phrase "son saint-frusquin," or "the shirt off his back," was a description of what the construction of the house cost its owner. The San Francisco Plantation House is one of the most ornate of Louisiana's plantation houses. San Francisco, with its potpourri of architectural designs, its immense and ornate roof construction, and the paintings decorating the ceilings and door panels in the house's parlors, exemplifies the "steamboat Gothic" style. The exterior of the home resembles a layer cake, with a simple ground floor where brick columns support the gallery across the front and halfway back the sides. A double stairway leads from this gallery to the second floor gallery where fluted wood columns with cast-iron Corinthian capitals support an overhanging deck. The main living area is on the second floor instead of the ground level. The attic is a Victorian construction that gives the house a unique look with the hip roof pierced by tall dormers with diamond-paned, Tudor-arched windows (adapted from the NPS website). The house was saved from demolition in the 1920s when the new Mississippi levees were constructed and it was thoroughly restored in 1974 by Marathon Oil (who’s oil refinery surrounds the property). The San Francisco Plantation is on the National Register #74002186, and is also a National Historic Landmark.
IMG 4445-Home-Office-Closet-Windows-Shutters
IMG 4445-Home-Office-Closet-Windows-Shutters
Still lounging in the chair, if you look to the left of the book shelves, there's a closet followed by a north-facing window. Even in the summer, the north light is cooler than in the rest of the house, but I still appreciate having the plantation shutters to shut out the heat if need be. Plantation shutters are all the rage in Florida, and they really do help to keep the place cool.

aluminium plantation shutters
aluminium plantation shutters
Norton A275 No-Fil Adalox Abrasive Disc, Paper Backing, Adhesive Backed, Aluminium Oxide, 6" Diameter, Grit P400 (Roll of 100)
The Norton A275 No-Fil pressure sensitive adhesive abrasive disc forms a bond when pressure is applied to stick the disc to its back-up pad, without the use of solvents, water, or heat to activate the adhesion. This disc is used for preparing primed and painted surfaces, sanding plastics and fiberglass, and bare wood sanding.
Coated abrasives have individual abrasive grains spaced at a predetermined distance from one another. This is an open-coat disc. An open coat covers 50 to 70 percent of the surface with abrasive grains, for greater flexibility and clog resistance than a closed coat, which covers 100 percent of the surface. An open coat allows for longer usage time because it clogs less, while a closed coat offers a finer surface finish than an equivalent open-coat abrasive. The stearate coating offers more durability over an uncoated abrasive while resisting chip loading. Stearated abrasives are non-pigmented to eliminate color transfer to the work surface. High strength, fiber-reinforced B weight (paper is classified from A to F weight, F being the heaviest and least flexible) is strong – this strength means reduced edge wear during use. The paper backing is flexible, and offers a more consistent finish than a cloth or fiber backing, while being thicker and more durable than a polyester film backing. This disc is suitable for use with a die grinder or orbital sander. Use with molded rubber back-up pads on a grinder, choosing a hard pad for aggressive cutting, a medium pad for general purpose applications, or a soft pad for contours and fine finishing work. Or, with a random orbital sander, choose a foam back-up pad to match the application. Foam pads can come in different combinations of shape and density for finer or more aggressive work. For example, choose a low profile for uniform contact with the work surface or a tapered edge for small contours or inside corners, choose soft density for 320 grit and finer sanding and medium density for grits coarser than 320. This disc can be used wet or dry.
Aluminum oxide is a widely used and versatile abrasive material. It is a tough, fracture- and wear-resistant grit that works well with a broad range of materials, from metals to wood. Aluminum oxide is more durable than silicon carbide and often used for material removal and finishing. P-graded abrasive grains are held to a closer tolerance than non-P-graded abrasives, which means that they offer a more consistent surface finish.
Abrasives are used for a variety of applications from shaping a part to fine finishing, depending on the grit size. Low grit numbers like 40 are coarse and are used for removing excess material and shaping a part. High grit numbers like 400 are fine and help to create a smooth surface finish.
Norton Abrasives manufactures a wide variety of sanding, grinding, and polishing abrasives, and has been located in the United States since 1885. In 1990, Saint-Gobain purchased Norton, keeping their manufacturing facilities and offices in the same location. Norton/Saint-Gobain has been recognized as a Global 100 Sustainable Company, as well as earning ISO 9000 and 14001 certification for quality and environmental management standards.