What to consider when buying security bifolding doors

Buying bifolding doors can be a challenging task for many house owners considering the amount of models and brands available in the market. Some of these products are capable of withstanding considerable forces while others are pretty much vulnerable to threats. Before you buy Bifold doors, you must check the aspects like glass components and locks to see if they are vulnerable to any sort of threats. This article emphasizes the aspects you should strongly check before buying the aluminium bifold doors, Melbourne.


Locks of the door

Before buying a bi-fold door, you must be 100% sure about the functionality, safety and the durability of the lock. You must be wise enough to check the aspects such as the brand of the lock, the material used to manufacture the lock, has it undergone the necessary tests to prove the safety, the strength of the lock etc.



The glass portion plays a vital role in terms of the strength of the door and how it serves the need of security. Before installing bifold door home you must be sure about the type of the glass, its quality, the strength and the design. Different bifold doors come with different types of glasses; some of are capable of cutting down UV rays while promoting security. Basically, experts suggest you select tempered and laminated glasses if you expect strength.



Without properly functioning and strong hinges, you can hardly expect your door to deliver its best. Regardless of the strength of the glass and the lock, if your door has poorly fitted or weak hinges, your door will be vulnerable to many threats. Removing the pins and the nails of the hinges has become a common trick among the intruders these days; so make sure that the hinges are strong and safe before you buy your bifold door.



Bifold tracks that are installed to run on external tracks, the security of your home will be at a considerable risk. Such door panels can be lifted and detailed easily and it will be an easy gateway even for a novice intruder. Therefore, it is always important to go for doors that come with properly enclosed running tracks.


When you select a door model, make sure that you give prominence to security over appearance. After all, the main purpose of a door should be the safety of your house. However, modern door manufacturers offer aluminium sliding doors with both beauty and safety.