The Best Cooking Games In The World For Girls

the best cooking games in the world for girls
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    in the
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  • Overview (total time = 00:29:39), I cover some definitions of lean, its roots in the Toyota Production System, and how resource planning and lean work together.
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Hina khan….. Myself & My World This topic was a lot of fun for me also this is one of my favorite topic because in this I need to describe myself it took very long time for me to think but that's really make me smile…. That credit goes to our Professor. First I was thinking how to start this assignment so I started by listing all my qualities & some event in my life that really make me not only good person but also a great mother so I started collecting all my photos because I'm living here with my husband & son .My family is in India.I'm a person who take's life in a very positive and uncomplicated manner.I like to keep everything simple in life including relationships.No one knows me better than myself so now also I love to learn new things about who I am?? First I would like to introduce my self ….here are many characteristics that make me unique & distinct form other person. My first photo is titled "ME". I'm an interesting, fun loving person with good sense of humor but at first I come as a very shy person but once I get to know people than I am great.It's very hard for me to make friends but once I make them then I'm all different.I'm very kind, compassionate, sensitive girl.I am also very principle person & stand strong on what is right & wrong.I am also very straight & honest person.I was taught to respect everyone & give respect all those I met no matter what their religion, skin color, appearance etc those things were not affect me in any ways & I think we all have to treat everyone with the same attitude I think that's my biggest success….also I want to teach all this things to my son.Whenever I'm with my friends I observed their behaviors & listen to their opinions.I'm very independent type of person.My biggest disappointment in my life is when I was not selected for CAT exam. The second photo I selected is called " All my family members ".I added this picture to my five photo assignment because I believe that they are the most important persons in my life. I have two loving parents which makes me a wonderful daughter,I have a one big brother & two sisters which makes me a sister. Beside that I'm having different flying colors in my life is my little loving baby son his name is Husain.He makes me a MOTHER…. because without him I would be nothing.I live my life for him sometimes I feel like giving up my class because at time it's too hard for me to deal with after that when I looked at my son I think what kind of mother would I be if I quit that's feeling really make me smile.So the third photo I selected is my son. The I usually spend most of my time with my family, my two little parakeets their names are prince & princess they both are my two little cute birds also my little fish her name is godly & she is five years old… The forth photo I selected is called " My Pets"( They are my life). People of the world are sometimes feel distinct to me because I never interact with them as whole. I love to play guitar,I will be easily carried away by the melodies of the guitar.This affected me so much that I insisted my husband to bring guitar for me & after that I started learning guitar whenever I'm angry & happy I usually express my anger & happiness through guitar.I also love video game I could play them all day long.I love to read books. The important thing for me is my beliefs,value,religion & all my life philosophies.I like cooking, martial arts, gardening, yoga, jogging, shopping, traveling, hiking, sitting in nature, NY Times, reading about alternative health, NYC, SF, trying new restaurants with my family and friends. The "My self & My World" assignment has give me a great chance to see my values, hobbies, interests etc. The last photo is very special for me is called "My life & Me" & that's my marriage photo.I think that's the best part of my life.
I've been Tagged!!
I've been Tagged!!
have been Tagged to post 16 things about myself, so here goes: 1. I lived in seoul Korea for a year and taught ESL, it was the best experience of my life aside from Motherhood 2.I work for a bank and secretly feel empty that I'm not doing something more profound with my life-my husband is a teacher and works toward the "Greater Good" every day! 3.I long to slow down and enjoy my life and family more as I want to look back with no regrets in life. 4. I love Beer more than any other beverage in the world 5. I still like playing video games, especially on the wii 6. I am a huge Punk Rock fan 7. I enjoy cooking, but am horrible at baking. I can't even make rice krispie squares. 8. I am dying to organzine my house but never seem to find the time to do it! 9. I love my Italian Father in Law's cooking more than anyone else's, he's the best!! 10. I wish I could be a stay at home mom like my mom was so I could be there all the time for my girls! 11. I love meeting new people and am not shy at all. 12. I am super addicted to Blythe and have only been collecting for a year. I have NEVER collected anything in my life. 13. I studied English Literature in university but I barely have time to read now. 14. My husband always amazes me with his patience and tolerance for my hyper activity, and he is the best dad ever!! 15. I'm hoping that my next vacation will be a trip to Italy to meet my husand's aunt and uncle who live there. 16. I feel very lucky to have met all of my dolly friends, you guys are the best!!!

the best cooking games in the world for girls
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