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play cooking mama 2
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round 2
round 2
my mama, my gram, and i posing for wes "the cook" to take our photo. we finally got to see gram tonight - first time since she's been in this new home. it's a real house with only 10 people, and they each get their own room and they have sing time and eat together and play "games" and go "on trips"... the trip part involves flu shots at the drive-thru clinic at the mall. not so sure what the games bit is about. also, i asked gram what she sings, and she said something about whatever's "nasty". she liked the music box i brought her, especially upon discovering it was full of food... which was promptly snatched up for later by the staff as she would be found "on the floor with the box empty" in the morning. sorry, gram. looks like no snacks in bed tonite. she was completely sweet and very touchy. like never before. she held my hand forever. thinking about it now, i feel really lucky that we got to pop in on her tonite before taking mama for birthday dinner. the only sad part was when she started talking about that "SOB" and why he'd been "gone so long". and that if we know how to talk to him, we should tell him she's waiting for him. she's actually smiling. mama hates her photo taken, so it's really nice that she humoured me for these!
Wii game collection
Wii game collection
Cooking Mama: Cook Off Cooking Mama: World Kitchen Dead Space: Extraction* Luxor 3 Mario Kart Wii* Mario Party 8 Namco Museum Remix New Super Mario Bros. Wii* Star Wars: The Force Unleashed* Super Mario Galaxy* Trivial Pursuit Wario Land: Shake It!* Wii Play Wii Sports Resort* Wii Sports Coming soon: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Asterisks (*) denote games that are actually mine. (As opposed to games bought for the entire family.)

play cooking mama 2
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