Aluminium Cooking Pans

aluminium cooking pans
    cooking pans
  • (cooking pan) pan: cooking utensil consisting of a wide metal vessel
  • (Cooking pan) Cookware and bakeware are types of food preparation containers commonly found in the kitchen. Cookware comprises cooking vessels, such as saucepans and frying pans, intended for use on a stove or range cooktop. Bakeware comprises cooking vessels intended for use inside an oven.
  • aluminum: a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite
  • Aluminium is the name of a music project based upon an orchestral reworking of the music of the band The White Stripes. Its members are Richard Russell and Joby Talbot. Jack White, of the White Stripes, has endorsed the project.
  • Aluminium ( ) or aluminum ( ) is a silvery white member of the boron group of chemical elements. It has the symbol Al and its atomic number is 13. It is not soluble in water under normal circumstances.

My meths stoves
My meths stoves
Just spending this snowy sunday morning cleaning and maintaining my cookwear. With everything being all shiny now, I trought I would snap a few photos. As some of you will know, I have worked in outdoor stores for a bit over three years now. I have a habit of buying stuff, in order to take it home and test it myself - imho. the only real way to be able to say anything qualified about a product. These stoves are, for the most part, the "keepers"; the ones I have decided to keep after playing around with them for a while. Those I do not keep are usually given away - or, if they are free samples, returned to the supplier or binned. From Left to Right: Trangia Mini 28T - cheap little stove, not as effective as a 27 or 25. But, perfect for a quick brew or heating water for a boil-in-bag meal. Packs small, weighs a mere 330g. Of all my stoves, the Trangia Mini is the one I carry and use the most - either as my main stove on short trips or as a back-up stove on longer trips. Imho. this stove is a highly overlooked one, which should be in the kit of any outdoorsman. I have never used the small teflon frying pan for anything other than a lid btw. I use mine with a cheap MSR foil windscreen, held together with a large paper clip. Tatonka Multiset. A good Trangia 25 copy, in many ways better than a genuine Trangia. The burner, pots, pan and optional kettle (called the H2O pot by Tatonka) are all 18/8 stainless steel, making them a lot more sturdy than the Trangia aluminium pots - aswell as much more versatile, corrosion- and heat resistant. Heavier than a Trangia, but if you have decided to carry a full size Trangia in the first place, weight is not your main concern I guess. Trangia Triangle. Small colapsable stand for a Trangia burner. I am still testing this one. So far I like it, though I would like it to be able to take smaller pots, than the diameter of the pot stands allow. This is a lightweight piece of gear (115g), not something I would carry around with a large pot. A nice way to use the Triangle, is to carry it in your Trangia 25, together with an extra burner. This way you have the option of having two pots on at the same time. In order to do that, you will have to leave your kettle at home though. Trangia 25 UL/HA w. the frying pan exchanged with a teflon one. The classic full size Trangia 25, with a teflon pan, hardanodized pots and a multidisc. Not much to say here; not too heavy, easy to use, sturdy, stabile... Well; it's a Trangia :) This is the set I break out when I know I will be doing some serious cooking when out and about. Trangia 0,5L fuel flask. Imho. the only way to carry meths in the field. The flask is stroger than the classic aluminium fuel bottle - and the ingenius safety valve makes it both easy and very safe to pour from.
Is that Wise ?
Is that Wise ?
I thought I had deleted these birdy images by accident but found them today on a memory card that I had dropped in to a vase for some reason. I blame my aluminium cooking pans! European Eagle Owl - not my finger! The only shot I could get with it's eye's facing the sun. Had to be tickled by the keeper to get him to turn his head!

aluminium cooking pans
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