Why Use Us!

We at AltWeb specialize Cyber defense, cyber security awareness, information assurance, network security, and building Backbone Infrastructure.

Our senior management has a combined four-five (45) years of experience in building infrastructure and cyber defense, we have been providing network defense consultation for many notable clients such as Google, Alibaba, AWS, Aliyun. Our team has operated in various cyber hostile environment. We have worked across the globe from China, India, Taiwan, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, and Japan.

Our Experience Shows!

We conduct sophisticated assessments of your cyber defense capabilities and the skills set your people required to actively defend your network. The strength of our approach is the combination of technical assessments of systems and networks together with the evaluation of the clients' training, processes, and execution, which we obtain through an interview and scenario-driven exercises. Technology is the foundation of a good defense, but usually, the cyber battles are won or lost by how well human system operates in cyberspace both day-to-day and in response to incidents.

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