Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Altrusa?
We are an international volunteer service organization made up of  individuals in our community, business and professional leaders who are dedicated to community improvement through personal service.



What did the club get its name?

The name “Altrusa” was coined by taking the first letters of the word Altruism (A-L-T-R) and joining them with (U-S-A) for the United States. At the time of the club's inception, the name was possibly influenced by the high level of patriotism brought about by World War I.


Proper Club Name = Altrusa International of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Inc. 


How is the organization divided?

There are 14 districts in Altrusa located in 8 countries throughout the world. Fayetteville is a member of District Eight which includes Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas. There are five Altrusa clubs in the Northwest Arkansas area:  Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville/Bella Vista and Washington County.



How does one become a member of Altrusa?

 By invitation.

Membership in Altrusa is an honor. Each member has been singled out as a recognized leader in business, industry or a profession in the community and has been invited to become a member by their sponsor.

Membership is open to individuals of all ethnic and cultural groups who are of good character, who endorse the purposes and principles of Altrusa.



What are the responsibilities of membership?


Members are encouraged to attend all meetings to derive full benefits of membership, but at least two meetings per month.

All members are expected to participate in committee functions and club fundraising. Normally new members are assigned the first year to the same committees as their sponsor. After that, the new members fill out a committee preference sheet along with the rest of the membership to aid in committee assignments by the president.

Fundraising – In order to meet our community service commitments, our budget is based on each member helping with our fundraising activities.

It is the responsibility of each member of the club to help build club membership by recommending outstanding individuals for membership and sharing their enthusiasm for the future achievements of Altrusa.
For more information contact us at:  AltrusaFayettevilleAR@gmail.com