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godin midi guitar
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  • A guitar synthesizer (also guitar/synthesizer, guitar/synth, g-synth, synth guitar, guitar-synth, or guitar synth) is any one of a number of musical instrument systems that allow a guitar player to play synthesizers.
  • Godin is a lunar impact crater located just to the south of the crater Agrippa, on a rough upland region to the east of Sinus Medii. The ruined crater Tempel lies to the northeast, on the east side of Agrippa. Due south is the flooded remains of Lade.
  • Godin (Burkina) is a town in the Bissiga Department of Boulgou Province in south-eastern Burkina Faso. As of 2005, the town has a population of 1,366.
  • Godin is a Canadian guitar manufacturer. It is owned by Robert Godin.
godin midi guitar - Godin Freeway
Godin Freeway SA-Synth Access Guitar (Lightburst HG)
Godin Freeway SA-Synth Access Guitar (Lightburst HG)
Solid Body Electric Guitar

Godin's latest variation on the Freeway design incorporates the Ghost system, which provides the guitar with direct access to the growing world of 13-pin devices and computers, such as Roland's GR Series. The guitar features boutique looks and build quality, and offers a wealth of normal electric tones with the humbucker-single-humbucker pickup configuration and five-way switch.
Godin Freeway SA
The Freeway Classic--Now With Synth Access
The Freeway SA (synth access) takes all of the versatility of the Freeway Classic and adds synth/computer access via a built-in 13-pin connector, courtesy of the revolutionary Ghost pickup system installed in the bridge. The Ghost system is made in Canada and uses a proprietary harmonic dampening system that results in superb tracking. Godin's pioneering designs in guitars with synth access have led the industry and the Freeway continues the tradition establishing new benchmarks for response, ease-of-use and affordability.
Godin Freeway Classic Pickup
Godin humbucker/single-coil/humbucker pickup configuration with five-way switch for a wealth of tonal options.

Godin Freeway Classic Headstock
Godin Synth Access guitars have a standard 13-pin connector that may be used with most guitar-to-MIDI converters.
Maple/Poplar Body
The Freeway's body consists of a center block of silver-leaf maple with light poplar wings. Silver-leaf maple is an excellent tone wood with a weight and density similar to mahogany. The warm tone of the silver-leaf provides a perfect compliment to the rock maple neck. To ensure you get the most from this potent combination, each neck and body are joined with a perfect wood-to-wood connection--free of paint or glue--that delivers maximum neck/body energy transfer. The sound of the silver-leaf maple comes at a price--it's heavy! To balance the guitar and achieve a comfortable weight the silver leaf core is flanked with light poplar wings. This ultimately produces a comfortably light guitar with "heavy guitar" resonance.
Rock Maple Neck
Godin's rock maple necks are known throughout the guitar industry for outstanding feel and boundless sustain. The 25-1/2" scale neck on the Freeway features Godin's ergo-cut shape and medium jumbo frets. Neck stability is insured by a double-action truss system capable of adding and removing relief in the neck.
Godin-Designed Pickups
The Godin humbucker-single-humbucker pickup configuration makes the most of excellent acoustic response of the Freeway. A double 5-way switch along with volume and tone controls supports the pickups, so you can dial in any number of tones you're after.
Freeway SA Specs
Body: Silver Leaf Maple With Poplar Wings
Neck: Rock Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22 Medium Jumbo
Scale: 25 1/2"
Pickups: Godin Humbucker/Single-Coil/Humbucker Combo
Controls: Five-Way Switch, Volume, Tone
Tuners: Godin
Bridge: Floating Tremolo Equipped With Ghost Saddle Pickups
Synth Preamp: Hexpander Modular Preamp
Synth Preamp Controls: Three-Way and Momentary Toggles, Synth Volume
Outputs: 1/4-Inch Standard, 13-Pin Connector for Hexaphonic Output
Finish: Lightburst

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Godin Multiac ACS Slim Guitar
Godin Multiac ACS Slim Guitar
It's been a while since I uploaded anything, so in my downtime a few minutes ago, I thought I would take a photo of my new guitar: the Godin Multiac ACS Slim. It's a beautiful nylon string guitar, with built-in midi capabilities (I bought the Roland GR-20 to go with it). The photo was taken at my church on the platform, with one of our overhead lights on. I did not have my tripod, so I tried to brace myself with the church pulpit. lol. While not "tack sharp", I'd say I did a pretty good job for 1/2s shutter. And now, I want a strobe/umbrella kit... -_- Photo taken 03/12/2010
2001 Godin LGX-SA
2001 Godin LGX-SA
The LGX-SA is a three-voice guitar featuring electric and acoustic guitar sounds, plus synth access. The output from the bridge transducer produces six separate signals - one for each string. This divided signal is called hexaphonic and is used to drive guitar synths. So you can play trumpet/violin etc through an electronic organ with a midi input e.g. GREAT fun

godin midi guitar
godin midi guitar
Godin A5 Two-Chambered Electro-Acoustic Bass Guitar (Natural)
Two-Chambered Electro-Acoustic Bass

Equipped with individual saddle transducers at the bridge and a 13-pin output jack, the two-chambered Godin A5 electric-acoustic bass guitar allows you to connect to a multitude of 13-pin devices and computers via Midi. Part of Godin's A Series of guitars, the A5 produces an authentic acoustic sound while featuring the dimensions and comfort of a solid body electric instrument. This design resists feedback as well as the negative effects that loud stage levels can have on top vibration.
You'll get an excellent acoustic bass sound through the 1/4-inch output jack, and controlling your tone is made easy with the Custom Godin Preamp section voiced specifically for the A5.

Rock maple neck
Rosewood fingerboard
12-inch fingerboard radius
34-inch scale
1-13/16-inch nut width
Two-chamber silver leaf maple body
Solid spruce top
Custom Godin saddle transducers and custom preamp
Volume, mid, treble and bass controls
Natural semi-gloss