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Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For High Notes

best trumpet mouthpiece for high notes
    high notes
  • A successful point in an event or period of time
  • (High Note (Looney Tunes)) High Note is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes animated short directed by Chuck Jones. It was originally released on December 3rd, 1960 and is performed without dialog, relying solely on the animation and music to carry the plot.
  • (High Note) HighNote Records is an American record label based in New York City, specializing in jazz music.
  • Bring the sense of liveliness, lightness to the blend.
  • an acoustic device; the part of a telephone into which a person speaks
  • a spokesperson (as a lawyer)
  • a part that goes over or into the mouth of a person; "the mouthpiece of a respirator"
  • A thing designed to be put in or against the mouth
  • A part of a musical instrument placed between or against the lips
  • The part of a telephone for speaking into
  • proclaim on, or as if on, a trumpet; "Liberals like to trumpet their opposition to the death penalty"
  • A brass musical instrument with a flared bell and a bright, penetrating tone. The modern instrument has the tubing looped to form a straight-sided coil, with three valves
  • Something shaped like a trumpet, esp. the tubular corona of a daffodil flower
  • cornet: a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone; has a narrow tube and a flared bell and is played by means of valves
  • An organ reed stop with a quality resembling that of a trumpet
  • play or blow on the trumpet

Edge of the world
Edge of the world
More lupine meadows on the High Note Trail with more mountains beyond. Hiking high on the back side of Whistler Mountain with the mountains just beyond us was incredible. It's unfortunate that the clouds and snowy mountaintops are overexposed in this shot, but the lighting conditions were really difficult.
a-ha - Morten Harket
a-ha - Morten Harket
We went to see a-ha this week at the Sheffield Arena. It was part of their "Ending on a High Note" tour. It was a fantastic concert, the boys should be proud. Morten Harket looking cool in his shades.

best trumpet mouthpiece for high notes