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S2-Actions List

  1. Create a measurability map based on difficulty and demand

Advocacy and Outreach
  1. Develop new, sexy name
  2. Broaden the network around a charter
  3. Target publishers, researchers and funders as ambassadors
  1. Utilize communities of practice to better understand and evaluate altmetrics (e.g., eLife editorial board)
  2. Provide context for metric on a single item by identifying similar items, using automated classification
  3. Find a specific directed question that context helps with
  4. Crowdsource binning all science tweets to make an open data set: researcher, journalist, funder, etc. 
Use Case and Personalization
  1. Create prioritized list of use cases in the following categories:
    • Story telling informed by metrics
    • Organizational intelligence for strategy
    • Evaluation for a monetary decision