Scientology (dianetics) and NLP


There's a long history of new age pseudoscience in the mental health profession. Scientology (dianetics) and NLP are two peas in the same pod. Unlimited potential, create your own reality, get over yourself!, removing non-existent blocks/demons, and so on. "Scientology and NLP - who needs to look at scientific testing? Try it for yourself". Thats the bottom line with pseudoscientific "psychothechnology". Results: NLPers have zero cred, zero persuasion, and about the best form of self delusion possible. NLP is a religion that is developed from a succession of gurus, starting with new age heros such as Erickson and Satir, and continues with new new age heros such as T.Robbins, bless 'im. Results, T.Robbins got divorced even after his commitment to his own NLP power marriage teachings, Bandler cannot overcome alcoholism, obesity or drug dependence, and the web is full of newsgroups of NLP devotees who hype all confirmatory evidence and censor anything that shines a light on NLP. Its not reality or the light of science thats negative; Its the results of NLP that are negative. Now you get over yourself and move on. Can't you do it? Why not? The terms; cognitive dissonance and commercial psychocult spring to mind.


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