About Altework

Over the last several years I've been involved in several community projects (see links at left), with many different people (thank you!)   Altework is a continuation of these projects.  A common theme is local and sustainable.

Previous projects have ranged from turning onsite trees into custom furniture or buildings, designing and building residential and commercial buildings, electronic control systems, automobile repair, modification, and racing, renewable energy systems (PV and wind), high performance building design, public education efforts on energy and renewables, assisting homeowners and businesses with PV planning, RFPs, and evaluation, and models and analysis of built systems inside of natural limits.

Materials that I have worked with include wood, metal, plastic, energy, paint, paper, data, light and space.

Most project analysis is done longhand because individual projects usually do not fit well with standard programs, however building studies have been done using WUFI (a precursor to passive house), and energy studies using NREL SAM, or RETSCREEN.

I have written a protocol for a solar site assessment, (with a spreadsheet for speeding up the calculations during the site visit), that was used as part of Solar Hartland's education and consulting program.  The financial calculations are now outdated, but the physical measurements and calculations are still valid for measuring a site and sizing a photovoltaic array near 45 degrees north latitude. It can also be used for predicting the sun path for architectural lighting, shading and heating devices.  The 4 page instructions are available for free on the Solar Hartland website, and if you would like the spreadsheet, please email me and I will send you a copy.  There is also a community solar presentation from a year ago.

Links to three other community based, local economy projects that I've participated in are posted at the upper left corner:
-Transition Town Hartland, with the very inclusive bicycle blender page
-Hartland Farmers Market
-Hartland Art Show (I've curated three community art shows- "Que Sera, Hartland?", "Songlines", and "The Gift of Mountains Walking", that were centered around our relationship with nature.

I've lived off grid for 27 years, (5 years with no power, and 22 years with solar panels providing power), and have now done, built, and lived with most building and mechanical energy calculations.  Design and fabrication of most projects over the last two decades, as well as maintenance of this website, is solar powered.