Waxy Corn

    What is waxy corn?
What a funny name for a corn. Well, waxy corn was established in China but it is not used as much around the world. It may not be use as much but, it still has its benefits such as, the chemical starch that it contains: amyl pectin- “which makes it more digestible than regular dent corn” (Dyna-Gro). The difference between waxy corn and from the other corn is the inside of the kernel. The kernel within the waxy corn has a greater amount of amyl pectin than from the inside of other types of corn. Also study as shown that the when waxy corn is used, it helps the production of milk from the cows up 5 percent. Waxy corn is made or produced for many useful resources; such as, “pie, soup, baby food, and other processed food and industrial materials” (Moews Seed Company, Inc.)
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