Magnesium is very beneficial when it comes to muscles, heart, and kidney. Without magnesium in the body enzymes is inactive, the energy production is hindered, and many nutrients will also be affected in the absence of magnesium. Niacin helps your blood vessels get wider and when niacin is used properly, it can also reduce detoxification of your body. It can help your body by transforming fat, protein and alcohol into energy. Phosphorus, as well as calcium, can maintain healthy teeth and strong bones. Also, it relieves the process of removing wastes from kidneys and it maintains the acid-base balance in your blood. The phosphorus absorbed by corn can control the flow of energy through your body and reduce muscle pain after a hard workout. Growth, maintenance, and repair for cells and tissues are some benefits phosphorus gives you; including the production of DNA and RNA. Potassium is a type of macro mineral that helps the balances between water and acids in the blood and body tissues. Potassium is a very satisfying muscle builder that forms a role with metabolizing protein and carbohydrates.
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