Diabetes is, according to MEDICAL NEWS TODAY, a "metabolism disorder." When a person has diabetes, their body produces more sugar than needed; known as hyperglycemia.  the three types of diabetes are:
  • Type 1: Body does not do anything to regulate sugar because it has no insulin.

  • Type 2: The insulin is not working correctly or does not produce enough.

  • Gestational Diabetes: You inherit diabetes, but it comes when you are pregnant.

Type 1 and 2 diabetes is everlasting, but Gestational ceases after the birth. Diabetes is not hereditary, but it is passed through genes. For example, if a grandmother has diabetes, then it is not absolute that her grandchild/children are going to inherit it from her. Some methods or strategies to prevent diabetes are:
  • Stay away from many carbohydrates
  • Sugars/glucose and sodium should be avoided
  • Obtain a healthy diet.

As a part of obtaining a healthy diet, corn can be used as an alternative to these foods. Since it does not really require sodium or sugar, it can provide the right vitamins a diabetic needs.


    To conclude my point, the fact is that corn can be beneficial to many people, but it is just not known as that. Corn is commonly used for celebrations, or special events. To spread the awareness, it is just as better as any other food and healthier. Instead of taking heavy medicines and pills, just eat corn.





Birth Defects

36,000 – 120,000 babies per year

Unknown Deaths


23.6 million adults and children diagnosed

About 2.9% die from diabetes. (68,000 people)

Cardiovascular Disease

81 million diagnosed

12 million die per year


3.5 million diagnosed

About 5,000 deaths per year

Colorectal Cancer

139,000 adults diagnosed per year

53,196 deaths per year

Heart Disease

1,400,000 diagnosed per year

About 565,000 deaths